The main causes of vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge experienced by women are made uncomfortable, but no one else is normal vaginal discharge. What actually causes vaginal discharge? Discharge is caused by glands in the uterus and vagina carry out cells - dead cells and bacteria with mucus expenses, vaginal mucus discharge is causing us keep it clean and help prevent infection.

Actually proper when a woman has vaginal discharge, and the number of colors can vary, ranging from clear to slightly yellowish, such as milk, is associated with the menstrual cycle. You also may notice a difference in the amount of vaginal discharge or odor from it.

If you are experiencing fertility, lactation or in a state of arousal, vaginal discharge obtained quite naturally. The smell can change If you are pregnant or not clean in your own hygiene. Maybe it would be better if you Know what conditions can cause abnormal vaginal discharge this.Changes in the balance of bacteria in the vagina may Affect color, smell and texture of white too. Here are some conditions that can cause or change the balance of bacteria levels (pH) vaginal acid:

1. The use of antibiotics and streoid Thus causing bacteria long enough "good" guard dead vaginal pH and fungi flourish.
2. Bacterial vaginosis, a bacterial infection that is common in pregnant women or in women who have many sexual partners
3. Use of birth control pills because hormones influence the balance and imbalance in pH occurred
4. Cervical cancer
5. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted infection
6. Thus, diabetes is not controlled high blood sugar causes the sugar in the blood and urine and cause bacteria to flourish.
7. The use of soap Wash your vagina for disturbing the pH balance of the vagina
8. Pelvic infection after surgery
9. Pelvic inflammatory disease
10. Trichomoniasis, a parasitic infection that is usually due to sex is not safe
11. Vaginal atrophy, dryness and thinning vaginal walls due to menopause
12. Vaginitis, the condition is inflammation and irritation around the vagina
13. Fungal infections
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