How to restore body weight after giving birth

Dream of a woman after childbirth is gaining weight as before pregnancy. While women who breast-feed after giving birth should not reduce the amount of food but must consider the type of food consumed.
Food needs of breast-feeding mothers should enter the amount of calories plus 500 calories, equivalent to 1 serving of lunch. But that weight is not increased, then. We can choose the right foods.
For example, to choose complex carbohydrates like brown rice, boiled potatoes are eaten with the skin, drinking olive oil, whereas the protein choose fish.
Avoid greasy foods, and choose a healthier way of cooking such as boiled, baked, steamed.
Emphasis on eating fiber, fruits and vegetables, can go down 3-4 kg a month.
Motivation must be maintained thus emerging to need support, there are people who are dieting up and down, when down it must be accompanied either by friends or family to support a diet that we do.


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Important tips for loosing weight.

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