Prenatal examination

Regular visits to a gynecologist and obstetrics during pregnancy shown to reduce the risk of death. If not possible to see her gynecologist, at least consult a pregnancy by the midwife. Routine examination of the medical staff can monitor the condition of pregnancy is whether or not require special handling. Among these pregnancies, high blood pressure, heart or kidney disorders and diabetes. In many countries, pregnant women receive tetanus toxoid vaccine to prevent tetanus in newborns. When the pregnancy reaches 26-28 weeks usually will do the examination of the presence or absence of Strep B. If there are bacteria in the colon is not impossible that the future will infect a baby being born. Pregnant women are also required to submit her medical history and complaints that he felt the doctors who deal with her ​​pregnancy. also note an emergency situation for pregnant women, namely vaginal bleeding, sudden facial swelling, intense pain and persistent in the head or hands, sudden vision foggy, incredible pain in the abdomen, vomiting and again, shivering from fever, frequency or intensity of fetal movement suddenly changed, a flood of fluid through the vagina, or did not complete the pain while urinating.


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