Raising the Fetus
How to increase fetal weight?
Fetal development is influenced by several factors, including:

* Nutrition mother.
* Fetal growth hormone.
* Metabolic Diseases mother.
* Genetic factors.
* System transfers nutrients from mother to fetus.

If there are allegations of low fetal weight, make sure it's true what lower than the age of fetal development, or merely because the gestational age is still young to know with certainty the age of your pregnancy. For the 36 weeks of gestation, normal fetal weight 2622 grams. fetal weight is considered low if it is in parcels of 3 or over 5% lower limit of normal weight. Based on the Weight Loss Your fetus is low, but so accurate, it needs regular ultrasound examinations. If positive should be looking for the cause and how many degrees of fetal growth retardation due to low weight.
Complications of low weight fetus threatens the welfare of the fetus. Research has shown that the existence of side effects due to the stunted growth of the fetus such as heart disease, obesity, or diabetes. Capital improvements such as adding nutritional intake of protein and calorie intake, can increase fetal weight, but only when other factors are not disturbed.
In various medical journals, when the low fetal weight, stunted growth, and repair of various factors do not change it, the best therapy is to grow the weight of the fetus outside the womb by the fetus is born. Consultation back to your gynecologist

Mood Swing Expectant Mother

During pregnancy, it is normal for expectant mothers experience mood swings, emotions and moods are up and down. Some are experienced it is still within the limits of a lightweight and easy to overcome, but there also has almost reached the stage of depression. The cause is the internal body and hormonal changes in women.

Mood swing or the so-called pre-baby blues syndrome is indeed common, but should also be addressed immediately and not allowed to drag on. If not, these mood swings can lead to depression and if not treated completely, it could be the root of the baby blues or postpartum depression.

What sign? Come on, Mother, recognize the signs early, so as not sustainable. Have you ever experienced this?

* Feeling so insecure mother.
* Worried about the safety of the fetus could not even sleep.
* Fluctuations feeling sad, upset, excited, which is extreme.
* Feeling sad or gray in without cause.
* Want to be alone while to feel comfortable meeting other people.

If so, calm, Mother. That's still a normal mood swing symptoms and common, but must be addressed early on. Try once again check this one:

* Expectant mothers can not be concentrating, remembering, or making decisions.
* Interfere with work and daily activities.
* Interfere with prospective mothers relationship with the people around him.
* Expectant mothers can not take care of themselves, their families and children (if this is the second pregnancy).
• The condition of the mother threaten the safety of the fetus (eg, refusing to eat, or drink, until the desire to commit suicide).

You should be more vigilant if the mood swings had to interrupt your daily activities as happened in the above checklist.

Overcome soon! Emotional fluctuations that often occur during pregnancy must be addressed immediately. How do I?

* Need support. During expectant mothers received enough support from people around, feel happy, to have a positive view of pregnancy, the expectant mothers will be able to survive.
* Intake of nutrients and adequate rest.
* Psychologist or psychiatrist. If the mood swing is very disturbing daily activities expectant mothers, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.
* The information intact. Obviously the mother wants to give the best stimulation for her baby and tried to find as much information. But often the information is not correct and instead make expectant mothers become depressed. For that, it helps if the prospective mother asked the experts to get the information intact.
* Overcome bored. You can change the atmosphere of the house, appearance, food, activity time-fillers, or doing your hobby, to overcome boredom.
* Gift for yourself. Try to do occasional special body treatment of pregnant women, or buy your favorite books, or CD track.
* New atmosphere. Get out of the house, get some fresh air, and make an appointment to meet with friends who can change the atmosphere or entertaining.
* Aromatherapy. Try to relax while sipping aromatherapy can 'boost' your mood. Consult an aromatherapy expert to gain the maximum benefit.
* Active physically. Try to do gymnastics or pre-natal yoga, walking, or swimming.

And most importantly, learn to accept, recognize, and adapt to change is the key to success of new mothers and fathers. So, whatever your experience to transform into a parent, it is a 'teacher' the best for you and your child.
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Skin problems in pregnant women

Inevitably, since positive pregnant until late delivery, your skin has undergone many changes. Unfortunately, some of the changes tersebu makes your skin so it is not attractive.

Physiological changes. Of course changes in levels of various hormones in the body of pregnant women make skin look more oily, or acne, appears darker, others. While this is a common thing experienced by pregnant women, not all women will experience it. There are several factors that trigger skin problems occur, such as skin type, hormonal conditions, and congenital factors.

Not just cosmetic. To overcome this, pregnant women are advised not to indiscriminate use of cosmetics. Cosmetic effect or attempt to treat skin beauty on fetal development has not been done. But ethically, dermatologist will not give oral medication to mothers with pregnancy under 16 weeks. Because, when that's going on cell division and rapid growth. "Disturbance" any adverse risk to the development and fetal growth.

Some skin problems are commonly experienced by pregnant women include:
1. pimple
2. stretchmarks
3. Varicose veins and spider veins
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