Raising the Fetus
How to increase fetal weight?
Fetal development is influenced by several factors, including:

* Nutrition mother.
* Fetal growth hormone.
* Metabolic Diseases mother.
* Genetic factors.
* System transfers nutrients from mother to fetus.

If there are allegations of low fetal weight, make sure it's true what lower than the age of fetal development, or merely because the gestational age is still young to know with certainty the age of your pregnancy. For the 36 weeks of gestation, normal fetal weight 2622 grams. fetal weight is considered low if it is in parcels of 3 or over 5% lower limit of normal weight. Based on the Weight Loss Your fetus is low, but so accurate, it needs regular ultrasound examinations. If positive should be looking for the cause and how many degrees of fetal growth retardation due to low weight.
Complications of low weight fetus threatens the welfare of the fetus. Research has shown that the existence of side effects due to the stunted growth of the fetus such as heart disease, obesity, or diabetes. Capital improvements such as adding nutritional intake of protein and calorie intake, can increase fetal weight, but only when other factors are not disturbed.
In various medical journals, when the low fetal weight, stunted growth, and repair of various factors do not change it, the best therapy is to grow the weight of the fetus outside the womb by the fetus is born. Consultation back to your gynecologist


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