Skin problems in pregnant women

Inevitably, since positive pregnant until late delivery, your skin has undergone many changes. Unfortunately, some of the changes tersebu makes your skin so it is not attractive.

Physiological changes. Of course changes in levels of various hormones in the body of pregnant women make skin look more oily, or acne, appears darker, others. While this is a common thing experienced by pregnant women, not all women will experience it. There are several factors that trigger skin problems occur, such as skin type, hormonal conditions, and congenital factors.

Not just cosmetic. To overcome this, pregnant women are advised not to indiscriminate use of cosmetics. Cosmetic effect or attempt to treat skin beauty on fetal development has not been done. But ethically, dermatologist will not give oral medication to mothers with pregnancy under 16 weeks. Because, when that's going on cell division and rapid growth. "Disturbance" any adverse risk to the development and fetal growth.

Some skin problems are commonly experienced by pregnant women include:
1. pimple
2. stretchmarks
3. Varicose veins and spider veins


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