Caution With Baby sitter

Baby sitter was so important that when we can not be near the child. But that does not mean we should take it easy. There must remain vigilant

Recently in Taipei (Taiwan), a 3-month-old baby beaten caregivers. Beaten, thrown onto the sofa, and other harsh treatment. That any new light after the baby brother 2.5-year-old complained to his father and mother. She said, her brother had often treated as such by his babysitter.

Between believing and not, finally dipasanglah a camera to monitor and record what the caregivers. Sure enough, the nurse treating the baby with a little rough while only able to cry loudly. The scene was one had aired on television around the world, including Indonesia. "Of course, its impact on the child will be very great," commented Prof. Dr. Singgih D. Gunarsa very touched by the news about the rude treatment. Baby, Singgih said, is like a batter who has not been formed. "So hard and rough treatment that will map out something to him," explained Vice Chairman Tarumanagara Foundation. Could be when you grow up going to lose the delicacy of the baby, loss of temper, or lose the intimacy. Because all he got was not used due to rough treatment and hard more often received.


Although these events took place in neighboring countries, but enough to make anxious parents, especially mothers who are forced to surrender on child support alias nanny babysitter because they have to work outside the home. It is also a concern Singgih so that he then reminds parents to be careful in choosing a nanny. "Do not just focus solely on caregiver skills. Notice also the factor of affection because a babysitter is a private figure who would be constantly in touch with the kids," said the former Head of Child Psychology and Development University of Indonesia.

Indeed, I Singgih, not easy to get a figure of caregivers who have a love of children. The problem is, the caregiver is not the mother who gave birth to the child directly. "In short, the babysitter was not prepared to become a mother," he said. Supplies they receive from any foundation, generally only limited ways to feed babies. About how to coax the baby to eat, for example, is not in the lesson.

In fact, not infrequently happens, how should wash dishes / drinks baby, still often should we teach and train. Well, no more talk about the knowledge related to infant growth and development. Very difficult to expect.


So, remember not easy to choose and get the right nanny, babysitter Singgih likened the selection process similar to the selection of company employees. "The first thing should be relied upon is feeling or the feeling of the old man. We may not have the background to assess a caregiver with an objective way. So, like it or not we should use the feeling," said the author of numerous books on psychology and psychological development of this sport .

In addition, parents also need to consider how to talk to the prospective nanny. From there, said Singgih, can know how the caregivers respond to the baby. These responses will be to develop a way to talk to the baby. "Yes, do not require excellent grammar. The logical-logical. We, do, do not get to teach a caregiver to speak the language of regular and good." At least, from the tone of voice of the prospective nanny, parents can know whether his voice harsh or rough, and so forth.

However, even if the parents have found a nanny that "appropriate" for her baby, Singgih still ask that parents do not just rely on trust when using the services the caregivers. "How busy anything, parents should remain active to find out how the treatment of the caregivers of infants. The term, make checks and ricek. Do not let the parents give up entirely on trust babysitters."

Of course, surveillance and monitoring system is indeed not easy. But at least the parents have to keep trying to find the best solution. Well, one of the surveillance system is offered Singgih invite other people in the house to work together. Whether it's helper, driver or gardener. "So, while the parents go, get them to keep an eye on babysitters. If they have the intention to help them will certainly easier to work with."


To find out if the baby is experiencing violence or not, can be detected by looking at it physically. For example, there is found a bruise on a particular part or in whole body. While a psychic, detection can be done by looking at the baby's fussiness. "Baby's fussiness is a short-term impact is easily recognizable when he was not treated properly from the caregivers," explained Singgih.

Well, if the baby's mother was always cranky, beware. That could be a sign of an imposition. Because, as stated by the Chairman of the Indonesian Child Foundation, "A force will always cause unpleasant feeling."

Furthermore, when parents realize or suspect the baby suffered physical violence, Singgih stressed the baby should be immediately withdrawn from the atmosphere. "Not just because we are then forced to entrust our babies to someone who we know are not good."

At the same time, immediately bring the baby to a specialist child mental observations, emotions, or health, so they can know how severe the violence experienced by the baby. "A child's physician will soon be able to detect, where a happy child or an unhappy child."

Then, if all the impact of this violence can be eliminated? Thankfully, the answer is, yes! Although the science of psychology, according to Singgih, violence can leave a "memory" in their own child's memory, but, nonetheless, still not set in stone. "The smaller the child, the greater the opportunity to improve. Therefore parents need to quickly replace the violence that has occurred with a touch of affection in children and of course parents need to take your child to the doctor's skill," said a professor at the Graduate Program UI and the University of Gajah Mada this.

Need Interview

One thing that is often forgotten by the mothers nurse their children when recruiting candidates is to conduct interviews. Often the mothers had had enough just to hear references from acquaintances that the foundation of his so-good babysitter, and then immediately receive the caregivers after calling the foundation. Gratitude if the mother can directly obtain a suitable caregiver and good, but if not?

Now, to prevent anything untoward, try to do the interview first. The following tips can help mothers in the interview:

* Is it neat and clean?

Note the appearance when you first met him. Dirty stained clothes, hair or looks uneven, dull and sticky because rarely washed, and nails, dirty hands is a bad sign.

* Is he disciplined enough?

This minimum can be known from the late-at least he was at the first meeting. When he arrived late, you may doubt discipline. Because, when it comes to little things he could not discipline, how such big issues with the feeding of children. I could have your baby will have irregular eating patterns.

* Is it fairly regularly?

When you ask him to show a letter from the foundation, if he stirred up the entire contents of her bag? If so, could be a sign he is not someone who regularly and tend to be careless.

* Is he physically can rely?

Besides the candidates should really physically healthy, you have to look her age. Do not let you choose the caregiver that he was already approaching middle age. Despite the age it can be said to have experienced at least he would have experienced caring for her own son but he was not reliable enough to hold the baby all day, either at the time of the new baby is born or when the baby has grown big.

To ensure the health condition of the caregivers, a reference check with his health on the part of the foundation. If you are not sure while you're already convinced with the candidates, it's worth checking your prospective nanny to the doctor. After all, it's for your kindness and your child as well.

* Does he seem fond of children?

To find out, you need to test it. Give time around 1-2 hours for the candidate with your baby. Watch and observe how the interaction between them. Does he have the patience, friendly, interested, sensitive, and respond to the needs of the baby?

* Does he seem smart?

You certainly want someone who can teach and entertain the baby, also can take the right decisions in difficult situations. Mode can test it by asking several questions, for example, what will he do when the baby crying, refusing to eat, sick, and so forth.

* Is he quite communicative?

From the way he speaks and answering your questions, this can be known. If speech or answer only a few words or just as needed, perhaps she was not a talkative person.

* Do you feel comfortable with it?

Despite all the above requirements can be met by the candidate, but if you still feel less comfortable, you should not try to force myself to accept it. For the good of the baby, you have to have a match with the caregivers. Thus, open communication between the two of you can be intertwined.

Ask the foundation to submit candidates for other caregivers. Or, you better come over there when the foundation has enough "stock" babysitter, so you also have many alternatives.
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Various Therapies Autism Patients

Various therapies made for people with autism

1. Drug Therapy (Medical)

Initially the drug is needed to help children concentrate, no eye contact, and increase interaction with the environment. However, it was not designed for a lifetime, because it is only useful to reduce or eliminate some symptoms, particularly to control disruptive behavior. Thus, the objective that the child is easier to managed.

Gradually reduced to a minimum dose of the drug. But when problems arise again later, the dosage of drug can be given as before anymore.

2. Diet Therapy

In some people with autism performed the diet of certain materials, so that children no longer have behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity. Diet including avoidance of sugar, fat, yeast, wheat, dairy, caffeine, gluten, food preservative, flavoring food, and food coloring. 3. Occupational Therapy

If there is muscle weakness or disturbance of fine motor development, for example, can not master something or hold a pencil, then do physiotherapy to train the muscles weak / stiff. This therapy helps children develop strength and coordination, with or without the use of tools.

4. Speech Therapy

All people with autism, speech and language impaired, so the therapy must be done by experts.

5. Behavior Therapy

Children are taught the general behaviors by giving reward and punishment. If he did what he was told correctly, then given a compliment. If on the contrary, he may sentence such as, 'Well, if you wants it continues, we will not be playing. " Of course the command is simple commands and easy to understand children.

This therapy is done at the institution in full from Monday-Friday and continued at home by parents. Therefore, parents should also have knowledge about the program through training.

High IQ was

Do not think autism is identical to the dummy. Indeed, recognized DR. Rudy Sutadi, DSA, about 70 percent of patients stated having mental retardation. "The causes can be many things. What is clear, if a child with autism can not be handled, yes, it can be said, including mental retardation. Because his IQ criteria under 75."

But if people with autism with an intensive and well managed, so many also had a high IQ. "There is his IQ 120-130. Even the 150." So, the child actually has the potential of high IQ. It's just that before managed his IQ was not measurable. Having managed only then known that her IQ was high. Later in life they can become an expert in his field. For example, painters Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. Their life history are expected autistic.

Another case when the autism was not addressed, there may be some of the symptoms reduced. But there is also the symptoms persist, intensified, or even that there was not so appear. In principle, Said Rudy, autism is not well managed with autism remains. "One if parents expect their children can be 'cured' with increasing age. It will further grow its gap-judging from the graphic development. Maybe a few months but the long-unseen and more visible."
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It's Ready to Have Second Child?

What should you do if the couple wanted another child while you're not ready? Nobody can answer that question, unless you and your children are already born first.

This question is a difficult question. Some say, even more difficult than we first decided to have her first child.

You see, this is not just a matter of "having children" but rather a change in the family. By adding a child, lifestyle, finance, employment, family relationships, and of course the relationship with children who are already there first, be different. And often we hear people say, "Add a child means the job his father and mother be double."

There's a good idea before deciding pregnant again, search for information. Both of your doctors, experts, family and friends. Ask their opinion, when the right time to add a child. Think positive and negative aspects and you alone must make decisions.

For most people, the decision to add more children due to the time factor, ie when the right time. The question is, should not add children directly after the first child so they can play together and for your own means do not bother to take care of a kid again later or actually makes a certain distance to the next pregnancy.

Research has shown, the distance from one child to the next child ranged from two to three years.

Here are the results of research that shows the distance between two children:

* Waiting until 18 -23 months to get pregnant again after giving birth, is a good time for the health of the baby was conceived.

According to experts, contains a baby less than six months after the first baby, can cause premature birth (40 percent) or infant birth weight less. And pregnancy with a distance of 10 years after her first child, had a risk two-fold in the pre-birth.

* Birth intervals 24 to 35 months are also ideal. If less than that distance, usually have a risk of birth weight less. The mother may take longer to recover from the stress and restore the body's condition after the previous pregnancy.

* When the first child aged under one yahun or above the fourth year, is the perfect time to have another child.

It is based on the relationship of brothers with their parents, sibling rivalry, and their confidence. Children under one year have not felt privileged status they had, while children aged 4 years was enough content to enjoy the attention from his parents. Plus they already have their own busyness.


There is no science that can dictate anything, what should we do when it comes to love and desire. So, below are some things that can be taken into consideration before making a decision.

* How old is the oldest now?

In this case, there is no right or wrong answers, although the above has explained that you should postpone the next pregnancy when the preceding child was still under the age of 6 months. Many who argue, increasing the age of a child, the better.

Thus they have a lot to pass time with you and they already understand when spoken to about the presence of a brother. There also are considered, with the age difference is not too far away, it can be a playmate for your toddler. You do not even bother to look after small children again.

* How does the presence of a new brother to change lifestyle?

Do you have established with our daily life with your kids that there are right now? Do you have a good way of child care? Does the whole house can sleep peacefully tonight? Are you and your spouse have enough time for both of us? Maybe you need to go back to work and whether you'd enjoy it?

These are all important elements that must be considered when deciding to get pregnant again. Remember, the presence of the baby will take up your time. Think careful whether you will have enough time and energy to care for another baby and if your kids are ready to have another brother again. You may decide, one child is enough.

* How is the financial condition?

It's true, money is not everything. Tap, after all, we must realize, for raising children, we need the money. Account the money that would be required for each child for day-to-day needs such as food, clothing, clutter needs, and most of all is the need for education and health. You should consider your livelihood.

Create a clear calculation, adjust the salaries. Many mothers who continue to work hard to keep a second child after the third or trouble hearing because the child affairs. Can you know when to stop working, if it seems you have to live? Or Can you pay a baby sitter if still want to work?

* How old are you?

Like it or not, the age factor is an important factor. Especially for women. If you are aged 38 years and still wants two more children, you can not get pregnant with the distance between a child aged three years and the other one.

If you are under 30 and have no health problems that endanger the pregnancy, you still have the opportunity to manage your time. Many women can still be pregnant at the age of the early 40s but the average fertility decreases dramatically when you reach the age of 35 years.

Discuss the problem of age with a partner. Many couples that have been considered from the start, at what age they will have the last child.

* Are you & spouse agree?

Sometimes only one who is ready, while her partner was not ready. It is not easy to always run parallel to each other. This is an issue that is not easy to handle.

What is clear, the first step that needs to be done is to talk about the differences between the two of you. Discuss your point of view alone.

Could have at that time no decisions could be done, but at least, each spouse will understand what is desired pasangannya.Bila necessary, consult with your doctor or someone with more experience.

* What is your heart?

Of course you can read a series of rules and definitions of positive and negative sides of this issue, but most important was the decision taken in accordance with your conscience. Follow your gut.

If you want your child and your partner feel the same way, maybe it will change your life.
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