It's Ready to Have Second Child?

What should you do if the couple wanted another child while you're not ready? Nobody can answer that question, unless you and your children are already born first.

This question is a difficult question. Some say, even more difficult than we first decided to have her first child.

You see, this is not just a matter of "having children" but rather a change in the family. By adding a child, lifestyle, finance, employment, family relationships, and of course the relationship with children who are already there first, be different. And often we hear people say, "Add a child means the job his father and mother be double."

There's a good idea before deciding pregnant again, search for information. Both of your doctors, experts, family and friends. Ask their opinion, when the right time to add a child. Think positive and negative aspects and you alone must make decisions.

For most people, the decision to add more children due to the time factor, ie when the right time. The question is, should not add children directly after the first child so they can play together and for your own means do not bother to take care of a kid again later or actually makes a certain distance to the next pregnancy.

Research has shown, the distance from one child to the next child ranged from two to three years.

Here are the results of research that shows the distance between two children:

* Waiting until 18 -23 months to get pregnant again after giving birth, is a good time for the health of the baby was conceived.

According to experts, contains a baby less than six months after the first baby, can cause premature birth (40 percent) or infant birth weight less. And pregnancy with a distance of 10 years after her first child, had a risk two-fold in the pre-birth.

* Birth intervals 24 to 35 months are also ideal. If less than that distance, usually have a risk of birth weight less. The mother may take longer to recover from the stress and restore the body's condition after the previous pregnancy.

* When the first child aged under one yahun or above the fourth year, is the perfect time to have another child.

It is based on the relationship of brothers with their parents, sibling rivalry, and their confidence. Children under one year have not felt privileged status they had, while children aged 4 years was enough content to enjoy the attention from his parents. Plus they already have their own busyness.


There is no science that can dictate anything, what should we do when it comes to love and desire. So, below are some things that can be taken into consideration before making a decision.

* How old is the oldest now?

In this case, there is no right or wrong answers, although the above has explained that you should postpone the next pregnancy when the preceding child was still under the age of 6 months. Many who argue, increasing the age of a child, the better.

Thus they have a lot to pass time with you and they already understand when spoken to about the presence of a brother. There also are considered, with the age difference is not too far away, it can be a playmate for your toddler. You do not even bother to look after small children again.

* How does the presence of a new brother to change lifestyle?

Do you have established with our daily life with your kids that there are right now? Do you have a good way of child care? Does the whole house can sleep peacefully tonight? Are you and your spouse have enough time for both of us? Maybe you need to go back to work and whether you'd enjoy it?

These are all important elements that must be considered when deciding to get pregnant again. Remember, the presence of the baby will take up your time. Think careful whether you will have enough time and energy to care for another baby and if your kids are ready to have another brother again. You may decide, one child is enough.

* How is the financial condition?

It's true, money is not everything. Tap, after all, we must realize, for raising children, we need the money. Account the money that would be required for each child for day-to-day needs such as food, clothing, clutter needs, and most of all is the need for education and health. You should consider your livelihood.

Create a clear calculation, adjust the salaries. Many mothers who continue to work hard to keep a second child after the third or trouble hearing because the child affairs. Can you know when to stop working, if it seems you have to live? Or Can you pay a baby sitter if still want to work?

* How old are you?

Like it or not, the age factor is an important factor. Especially for women. If you are aged 38 years and still wants two more children, you can not get pregnant with the distance between a child aged three years and the other one.

If you are under 30 and have no health problems that endanger the pregnancy, you still have the opportunity to manage your time. Many women can still be pregnant at the age of the early 40s but the average fertility decreases dramatically when you reach the age of 35 years.

Discuss the problem of age with a partner. Many couples that have been considered from the start, at what age they will have the last child.

* Are you & spouse agree?

Sometimes only one who is ready, while her partner was not ready. It is not easy to always run parallel to each other. This is an issue that is not easy to handle.

What is clear, the first step that needs to be done is to talk about the differences between the two of you. Discuss your point of view alone.

Could have at that time no decisions could be done, but at least, each spouse will understand what is desired pasangannya.Bila necessary, consult with your doctor or someone with more experience.

* What is your heart?

Of course you can read a series of rules and definitions of positive and negative sides of this issue, but most important was the decision taken in accordance with your conscience. Follow your gut.

If you want your child and your partner feel the same way, maybe it will change your life.


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