Recognize Signs Childbirth Contractions

When approaching the time of delivery, pregnant women will feel the contractions of the stomach. But what kind of shows contraction of pregnant women must get to the hospital for delivery?

The delivery process usually begins when the uterus began to contract regularly and these contractions will get stronger the longer and often.

These uterine contractions to help push the baby toward the birth canal and the cervix pulled upward, thus allowing more wide open cervix in preparation for the release of the baby's head.A few women there who have experience told to go back home or take a walk because there is something that has not happened.

Most of the delivery process will start very slowly and gently, so some questions will arise whether it was time or not.

As quoted from BBCHealth, Thursday (05/06/2010) consists of a network of women's uterine muscle fibers. At the peak of contraction, muscle fibers will reach a length of the shortest and intense pain that arises.

It feels like strong menstrual pain, or like a belt tightening in the abdomen and sometimes the pain seemed to rear back and front.

Muscle fibers were then relaxed and the contractions to fade, but will return to the muscle fibers are shorter than the previous. At that time the baby is pressed and the cervix begins to open a little wider.

When to go to the doctor after a contraction?

One of the things that must be understood is not too rushed to the hospital when the contractions had just begun. Mothers should stay at home with a calm and relaxed and follow how the flow of the contraction that occurred. Know how often the contractions are strong and appear, as this will determine when someone should immediately go to the doctor.

During the interval of waiting, the mother can do fun things that help women feel relaxed. When the contractions started lasted for 30-60 seconds and occurs every five minutes, mothers can prepare themselves to go to the hospital.

But if a pregnancy occurs for a second or third child should go to the hospital until contractions are five minutes or so, because the birth process is usually faster than the first.

The longer the contraction will be longer and start to overlap and the mother will feel the sensation to push during that time. But mothers should not do that until the doctors had ordered her to do so.

There are some signs that indicate someone is approaching time of delivery, namely:

Contractions are more frequent and stronger contractions usually last more than 40 seconds and can be three times within 10 minutes of contractions. Contractions are happening too fast and becoming more and more intense.
Appear pink mucus from the cervix obstruction. Labor can occur at any time after this condition, there is rapid but there is also a long time. We recommend that you consult your doctor if this happens.
Rupture of amniotic fluid. This marked the outbreak of the membranes holding the amniotic sac containing the baby and amniotic fluid. This condition can occur suddenly or gradually. If this happens, immediately to the hospital so the baby does not have an infection or poisoning of amniotic fluid.


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