Phobia Therapy

Not all phobias can be eliminated. This depends on your child's personality, mental capacity, and abilities as well as therapeutic techniques were applied. The technique of the therapy is drug therapy, behavioral and psychotherapy.

Drug therapy is done by giving certain medications (anti-phobia). While behavioral therapy used by children. For example, the child afraid of the cat. Parents get children to buy a toy doll cat and mouse, then the child is brought near a cat that tame and not scary. So that eventually the child will be able to overcome her fear of cats.While psychotherapy will be explored in therapy traumas or past conflicts of the child. Way through conversations. Children are invited to understand and explore the roots of the problems that it faces. After successfully known cause, then find how to cope.
Dwidjo reminded, no matter how small phobias suffered by children as a form of deviation must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, children may feel embarrassed because his friends ridiculed as cowards. This could interfere with his social life.

School Phobia
At pre-school age children or school, such as spoken Dwidjo, the term phobia is used only for school phobia. This occurred at the age of the child is not supposed to be afraid anymore to go to school but in reality he is afraid. "At the beginning of school anxiety. But worries are different from adults."

Anxiety in children depicted in the form of a variety of behaviors. Whether the child is so angry, unable to sit still, fussy, crying, and so forth. "Thus, non-specific and vague. However long your child does not dare to school."

However, complaints that appear on the child is not uangkapan, "I do not want to school." Maybe he will be the first symptom complained of his head pain, dizziness, and long the child actually reject school. Once asked why, the child may only say scared. But fears that he could not explain.

Now, the process experienced by the child's fear is sometimes the parents do not understand, so that forced school children. In fact, there are some children who experience great fear, so often met children who vomiting, abdominal pain and forth when going to school.

Of course there are many reasons why the child is afraid of going to school. Because he could not get accustomed to his new environment. He did not know new people around him, afraid of the friends, teachers, and others. Can also because he was afraid to separate from his parents, afraid to part with a safe home environment. Moreover, whose name is an institution that a new school for the children.
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