3 pre pregnancy important vaccinations

In Indonesia, specifically pregnancy preparation by vaccination is still rarely performed. Most women had come to the doctor after pregnancy they entered the age of one or two months. In fact, pre pregnancy vaccine is important for fetal growth. Moreover in the first 8 weeks when the phase of embryological progress. At this time the mother's health should be well maintained, so as not to affect fetal growth.

There are three types of vaccines that need to get pre-pregnancy mothers to protect the fetus, namely: 1. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

Rubella is an infection of the marked symptoms of red spots (pink-red rash) on the face and then spread to other body parts. The disease is accompanied by mild fever and enlarged lymph nodes. Pregnant women who are infected rubella in the first three months, risky and impaired fetal development establishment, by 50-85%.

Rubella-infected fetus, abnormalities called congenital rubella syndrome. Abnormalities that may include eye problems (cataracts), heart, or a smaller head circumference (microcephaly). At the age of 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, birth defects experienced by the fetus is hearing loss or deafness. While rubella infection in pregnancy advanced maternal age (more than 20 weeks) rarely causes birth defects. Babies who have disabilities due to rubella will continue to carry these disorders during their lives. Generally 1 in 10 babies who suffered rubella infection will die within one year of age. Nothing can be done to the fetus if the period of rubella-infected pregnant mothers.

2. Vaccination TT (tetanus toxoid)

Tetanus is a disease caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani toxin. Is also called lockjaw because sufferers often experience muscle spasms in the jaw. Tetanus bacteria enter the body through wounds. If the mother is exposed to bacteria during the birth process, infection can occur in the mother's womb and the umbilical newborn (Tetanus neonatorum). TT vaccination is usually offered to the couple since I was a prospective bride. Unfortunately, many couples who refused. This happens due to misunderstanding. Many thought that the TT vaccine is a contraceptive injection for spacing pregnancies. Although cases of pregnant women suffering from tetanus is rare in early preventive measures still good right?

3. Hepatitis
epatitis is an inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. Infection can be caused both acute and chronic. The majority of patients will become career (carriers) without clinical symptoms but can transmit the disease because the blood is viral hepatitis. Besides the blood, the virus can be found in the urine, feces, and saliva, depending on the type of virus. The nature of transmission of the virus which is very easy, cause hepatitis can be transmitted mother to fetus during pregnancy, at birth, or afterwards. Risk of transmission remains high, even if the baby was born by cesarean. Although no defects found in babies infected with hepatitis B in the womb or if the mother in pregnancy have hepatitis B, these babies may suffer from diseases such as chronic liver of chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis hepatis and hepatomas (liver tumors are malignant).


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