Preventing babies falls

Babies should always be in control you or another adult. Do not ever leave him alone in the high or the risk of falls, such as babytafel, bed or chair.

If you had to leave for a while, put the baby in the crib that had been given protection around it so safe as he rolled around.
When the baby sleeps with you, sleep under. Or, place a soft pad under the bed.

When picked, make sure you hold or hug him well and steady, but not be too tight.

Avoid baby, let alone who is practicing walking, from the floor or a slippery surface. For example, immediately clean the spilled water, or put a rubber mat in the bathroom.

Avoid the use of socks and babywalker.

Give a protective fence on the steps which does not allow the baby to crawl or walk up and down stairs.

Wear a safety rope when the baby is sitting in his car seat, high chair or stroller.
Do not forget to shut the door, and avoid windows that open easily.
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