Dental Care for babies aged 0-24 months

Generally, dental diseases and disorders in children is one of the disturbances in the process of growth and development. Since baby teeth begin to grow, parents must take responsibility to clean their baby teeth. Although children's teeth are just baby teeth whose existence is only temporary, but the health of milk teeth affect the dental health of children in the future. Therefore, as parents need to know how to care for your child's teeth as a baby in the right way, for oral health of children is resolved.

How to care for the baby's mouth at the age of 0-6 months:

1. Clean your baby's gums with a damp cloth, at least twice a day

2. Do not allow your baby to sleep while drinking milk with a bottle of milk.

3. Finished breastfeeding, remember to clean the baby's mouth with a damp cloth

4. Do not add a sweet taste in the bottle of milk with honey or something sweet.

How to care for the baby's mouth and teeth at the age of 7-12 months:

1. Ask your pediatrician or your dentist if your baby is getting enough fluoride

2. Remember to clean your baby's mouth with a damp cloth (not wet at all), after feeding.

3. Do not let the baby sleep with a bottle of milk (while drinking milk from a bottle) except water.

4. Give plain water if you want to drink out of baby feeding schedule

5. When teeth begin to grow, start clean with a damp cloth. Clean every surface of the tooth and gum line between teeth with him carefully, because the food was often left on the surface.

6. When baby teeth begin to grow, start using a small toothbrush with soft surface and the nylon material.

7. Do not use toothpaste and remember to always wet the toothbrush with water.

8. Check with your child's teeth to the dentist, after 6 months from the first tooth erupts, or when age children a year.

How to care for the baby's mouth and teeth at the age of 13-24 months:

1. Begin introducing fluoride toothpaste

2. Do not let the child sleep with a bottle of milk (while drinking milk from a bottle), except water.

3. Use a pea-sized toothpaste green.

4. Brush teeth at least twice a day (after breakfast and before bed at night)

5. Use a soft toothbrush from nylon material.

6. Replace toothbrushes every three months or when the brush hairs are damaged.

7. Be a role model by practicing good oral health habits maintain and perform routine checks to the dentist every 6 months.

8. Familiarize children to eat healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

9. Avoid snacks that contain sugar.

quoted from exposure Drg.Yerika & Drg. Marshinta
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Preparing the Baby Room

Select a simple nursery equipment and practical. Simple, in a sense fulfilled its function for the maintenance and development of the baby. Practically, can still be used until the age of the child two or three years. It could even enable the converted after the child is even greater.

Waiting a baby is a thrilling moment. Everything want to be prepared as possible. Ranging from clothing to her room. Concerning the preparation of this room, keep in mind for the convenience of infant care as well as possible.


The main equipment needed for baby's room is a baby bed and a desk. Though today there are various models, you can choose a simple and practical. So that could be used for a long time.

There are two kinds of size bed. That is 80 x 120 cm and 100 x 150 cm. Both are quite large, so that it can be used until the child is aged around 2-3 years. Lattice bed should be high enough, to block the baby so the baby did not fall.


While tables are used to place menyabun baby, change clothes or diaper and place put toiletries. The bottom of the table is usually a drawer or cupboard to store baby clothes. The existence of this baby table in addition to practical, not too exhausting you, because they do not have to bend over.

For this baby different table sizes, ie 60 x 90 cm and 60 x 120 cm. "Most of the mothers liked the small size. Because there are many eating places. The ideal height is 80 cm," said Ida F Baradja daro Le Monde, which is involved in baby gear.

Not only that, the table can be used until the baby is a big boy. In addition to cabinets, as well as a desk, shelf toys or books.

If you do not plan to buy the baby table, substitute can be used ordinary desk or table. If the file size accordingly. Mattress for baby bed and a table can be made from cotton or foam.

Only if the weather is too hot, the foam will feel the heat. "The advantage of foam, which follow the rhythm of baby's body. So good for body growth," said Ida further.

In addition to a baby bed and a table, you should provide the chair where you sit with a relaxing time feeding the baby.


For furniture you can choose the color of white, beige and brown. While other equipment, such as bed sheets there are a variety of color choices.

"Actually, all the bright colors suitable for babies. Both the blue, yellow and pink. Just because fashion only. The match each color with the sex of the baby," says Ida on the appropriate color for baby girls or boys.

You can also choose the desired color after the baby is born, because now a lot of ready-made and the price is relatively cheap. As for the color of curtains you can customize with colors that exist in the baby room.

For baby's room more cheerful mood, add a cute wall decoration and other brightly colored toys. As the pictures of animals and children's stories.
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