Strategy Overcome Difficult Sleep When Containing

Mom had trouble sleeping while pregnant? Let's explore healthy solution.
There are many things that can cause a pregnant woman was difficult to sleep soundly, ranging from weight gain, pain is experienced, to worry about sleeping positions that might endanger the womb. Here are eight strategies for mothers to remain slept soundly despite the stomach were 'loaded'.

1. If mother trouble breathing (eg due to weight gain), then body with a few pillows to position the baby away from the diaphragm so the lungs can more freely.

2. Mothers should not drink any more after pk.18.00 to reduce the tendency to urinate when going to bed. Avoid caffeine, too. And, be sure to drink enough water on mothers throughout the day.

3. Try not to focus too much on the pain that may be in the mother feels. Calm the body and mind will help the mother sleep more quickly than if mothers continue to complain about the pain that appears.

4. Consuming a glass of warm milk can also help the mother fast asleep. Lactose content can stimulate insulin that can encourage the tryptophan in milk protein to affect the brain so the mothers could quickly fall asleep. If the mother's lactose intolerant, then the mother can replace it with soy milk or rice milk.

5. Create atmosphere of dim / dark and quiet in the room, and wherever possible use the bed for sleeping and sexual activities only, not for her laptop ria or other activities.

6. Turn on the AC (usually easy to feel the heat of pregnant women is not it? Because it is easier for someone to sleep in a cool atmosphere.

7. Lie sideways position because this is the most comfortable position for pregnant women.

8. If sleep problems persist, consult your doctor immediately
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Signs Your Pregnant

When you whitish without any odor, itching, or heat, then this could be a sign that there is a candidate for your baby in the womb. cihuy!

Although there are many irregularities that recently occurred in the body of Jane, but he's still afraid to believe that it is likely she is pregnant. It's known, has been long enough, five years ... Jane and her husband kept praying and trying to keep their children. However, each time checking over-pack test, results always came out negative. Jane just did not want to be disappointed again ...

Are you including one woman who experienced similar incidents Jane? Afraid to believe that maybe you are pregnant? If the accuracy of the test-pack makes you doubt, then the seventh sign below this could be the handle to see if you actually incorporated two or not.

'Guest' did not come

This month is also when you have menstrual periods usually come early. This is one of the most obvious sign that you're 'contain'. However, there are women who still 'bleed' when she was pregnant, although the time periods shorter than normal.


Do you often feel nauseated at daybreak? Usually this happens to women who are pregnant. Some women just feel queasy in the morning only, the other almost all day.

Breasts 'harden'

"Oh, do not touch!" Do you struggle with the 'hardening' breasts? This generally happens anyway, and usually disappears when pregnancy is entering her second trimester.


Did you start frequently attacked by a headache? This usually happens due to hormonal changes. However, if attacked by a headache, then you certainly do not mean pregnant. Could be you are feeling dizzy due to sheer stress.

I'm so 'swell'

There are some pregnant women who fast directly to swell when she was pregnant. However, once again, this is still a sign only. Some parts of the body during menstruation women also swollen right?


When you whitish without any odor, itching, or heat, then this could be a sign that there is a candidate for your baby in the womb. yihaa! This happens because the cervix (neck of the womb) to produce mucus to block the 'entrance' into the cervix so the baby does not become infected from outside the body.


Being emotionally sensitive could be a sign that you are pregnant. Again, this occurs as the impact of changes in hormones in the body.

If most of the seven signs above your daily coloring lately, then would not it be better if you make sure the results with a doctor? Happy to be a mother!
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Alcohol can poison a baby in the womb

A study carried out by Dutch scientists say that a mother who consumed alcohol while pregnant, the sperm is very risky to poison baby boys at birth.

Currently, alcohol consumption was not only done by men, but women also love to consume alcohol. Indeed, alcohol including dangerous and likely to cause addiction. Is not only dangerous for your health, but also dangerous for the fetus that may be contained by a woman who liked alcohol.

As reported by babycenter, we are told that scientists do research on a woman who was pregnant with a baby boy and liked to be alcohol. From drinking habits, the observed development of the child. And found that alcohol goes into the belly of the baby's mother had been poisoned and make these babies tend to have very low sperm count when he grew up.

Until now, scientists are still not sure how much alcohol can poison the baby. However, alcohol can be very dangerous especially consumed by pregnant women.

"It is possible that alcohol poisoning and endangering the production of sperm by the testes. But until now there is no exact number of how much alcohol is really dangerous otherwise. We recommend that if you are consumsi alcohol, limit your alcohol intake," says Cecilia, a leader Study at a university in Danish.
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