Alcohol can poison a baby in the womb

A study carried out by Dutch scientists say that a mother who consumed alcohol while pregnant, the sperm is very risky to poison baby boys at birth.

Currently, alcohol consumption was not only done by men, but women also love to consume alcohol. Indeed, alcohol including dangerous and likely to cause addiction. Is not only dangerous for your health, but also dangerous for the fetus that may be contained by a woman who liked alcohol.

As reported by babycenter, we are told that scientists do research on a woman who was pregnant with a baby boy and liked to be alcohol. From drinking habits, the observed development of the child. And found that alcohol goes into the belly of the baby's mother had been poisoned and make these babies tend to have very low sperm count when he grew up.

Until now, scientists are still not sure how much alcohol can poison the baby. However, alcohol can be very dangerous especially consumed by pregnant women.

"It is possible that alcohol poisoning and endangering the production of sperm by the testes. But until now there is no exact number of how much alcohol is really dangerous otherwise. We recommend that if you are consumsi alcohol, limit your alcohol intake," says Cecilia, a leader Study at a university in Danish.


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