Wary of Tumor In Children

Because of its presence difficult to detect, alert to the symptoms parents obliged. What type of tumor can be chronic childhood disease and ways of what used to treat it?

In medical terms, mean tumor swelling or lumps. It can be benign, malignant as well, depending on the nature of the picture cells under a microscope. From there we can be sure, the type and tumor growth. Not only that. From the biological properties can also be viewed on the enlargement, spread, and disruption of the tumor.

"There is a lump or tumor mass in a child, must always consider the possibility of malignant diseases known as cancer," said dr. Endang Windiastuti, MD, MM (Paed), the Sub-Division of Hematology-Oncology Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta.

In children, tumors in the organs of the body lying on the inside of the body tends aka hard look. Well, that's why sometimes children who suffer from tumors late to the doctor and the next thing I knew the tumor was in a state of advanced stage.

What actually causes the tumor and how to deal with children affected by tumors?


Broadly speaking, the cause of tumors is still unknown. For example, why the cells that had been growing normally turn into malignant or why these cells would not grow and even death can not be controlled by existing systems in the body. Various theories advanced to explain the causes of tumor / cancer in children. However, until now no one can explain clearly and thoroughly.

"Because the child still has a limited life, then chances are factors such as eating habits, exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, are also still very limited. In other words, it can not be said to be the cause," said Endang.

Various matters, namely the possibility of the existence of certain conditions within the body of the child, until now, also still in the research experts. For example, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, which is due to outside influences (eg viruses) can cause cancer. Similarly, the existence of deficiencies in the immune system can increase the incidence of malignant disease in children. X-rays (radioactive rays) are also associated with the occurrence of tumor / cancer in children. In addition, exposure to radioactive rays in a mother who is pregnant may increase the risk of tumor / cancer later in her fetus.

When linked to the child, obviously Endang, "The theory is still due to virus infection. Viral infections cause changes in the cell so that cells become malignant. There's more because the gene change or mutation. The cause of this mutation may have something to do because of the chemicals, viruses, or other.


Early introduction of disease symptoms caused by malignancy, especially in children, very difficult. Can not be detected and can also cause symptoms that are generally not specific. "Pain suspect there is something new malignant appear after symptoms appear striking," said Endang. Symptoms are often visible is the prolonged fever without obvious cause. Body temperature varies, approximately 38 to 38.5 degrees Celsius, despite lowering drugs had been given heat, the temperature rose again after declining for a second. In addition, body weight decreased drastically in a short time. This occurs because of decreased appetite.

According to statistics, the most common cancer in children is acute leukemia, followed by lymph node cancer (lymphoma malignum), eye cancer (retinoblastoma), neural cancers (neuroblastoma), kidney cancer (nefroblastoma), and others. "What is clear, cancer found in children are different and very rarely found in adults."

Various treatments have been found and developed. The goal, of course, to achieve healing. Among others with chemotherapy, surgical treatment, and radiotherapy. In addition, has also developed the treatment with bone marrow transplantation.

"Especially for pediatric patients is ongoing growth of the process, experts must consider several other aspects of treatment," said Endang. Such as adequate nutrition, prevention of infection and pain, and psychological approach to children and their families.


Because until now not known with certainty the cause of tumor / cancer in children, it is even more imperative after the discovery of any tumor is an intensive treatment. "This was not a lot of promise in patients. Figures briefings on the type of tumor / cancer," said Endang.

Almost all the tumors and cancer treatment takes one and a half to two years. For leukemia in the early phase called induction phase. This phase is the most severe because the child must be hospitalized for about 6-7 weeks. Children will be given drugs by direct injection into a vein, intravenously, or through the back into the central nervous system.

These drugs cause serious side effects. Make hair fall out, boy shivering, fever, thrush, diarrhea. Therefore, in the induction phase of this child must be hospitalized for observation. After that new bone marrow surgery, whether cured or not. When children expressed remission (recovery) so he may be seeing the road.

In addition to chemotherapy, childhood cancer who also underwent radiation after induction phase. Whereas for solid tumors (solid tumors) such as renal tumors, eye, lymph nodes, and other, usually performed surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

If still possible, usually the tumor will be removed first, by taking the network as much as possible. After that, viewed through a microscope to determine its type. It is important to determine what type of treatment. Whether radiation or chemotherapy first. Or maybe not need chemotherapy, surgery enough. If at the time of surgery was tumor had spread everywhere, tissue taken quite a bit, then do a biopsy.

From there can be known, how much stage tumors / cancer suffered. For advanced-stage tumors, for example, chemotherapy and radiation plays an important role. "So, actually getting patients to come early, when the surgeon can lift the net, the possibility of life will be better," said Endang.

Unfortunately until now there has been no tumor prevention. So, smart-pandailah we detect any suspicious symptoms. In short, so there was something wrong in the child, immediately consult a doctor.

Types of Cancer in Children

* Leukemia

Known as blood cancer. Symptoms of acute leukemia characterized by prolonged fever. Children suddenly pale (suddenly) with no bleeding. Bleeding can occur for example in the skin or in the gums when brushing teeth, or without cause nosebleeds. Then came the blue-blue color in the skin.

Each of these symptoms can not stand alone. Child's feet are blue-blue, for example, if it does not mean she leukemia without the above symptoms. In addition, weight loss and decreased appetite.

* Lymphoma

Is a cancer of lymph nodes. Complaint is usually with abdominal enlargement. There is also enlargement of lymph nodes quickly without pain and without signs of infection occurred at a place (usually in the neck) or somewhere else. Then, there are or without disturbances of urine, body heat rise and fall, appetite and weight loss, lethargic child does not want to play.

Your doctor will detect via x-rays and then sent him to hospital to be further clarification.

* Retinoblastom

Malignancy of the eye wall eye usually cause symptoms. When viewed by using the flashlight will look white on the retina, such as cat eyes (cat eyes). This was caused by the reflection of light from inside the eyeball. This is an early symptom retinoblastom. "Sometimes a child can not complain and can not say anything. That was hard. In addition, parents were rarely aware of it," said Endang.

So, in the early stages do not show up lumps. In fact, when it is still early, retinal surgery could be performed by ophthalmologists. Continuous state of the retina can cause swelling. When the ball protruding eyes that suggests a state that has been advanced and can cause blindness. This situation is feared to spread to the brain and bone marrow.

* Brain Cancer

Brain tumors generally cause headaches, along with a wall eye, and double vision. Once more it may cause a very severe headache, vomiting, and children can not walk because there are problems of coordination.

* Bone Cancer

Malignancy in the bone should be suspected if the swelling continues to expand on one leg.

* Stomach Cancer

Generally, tumors / cancer of the stomach is almost no complaints or grievances arise, although the tumor has not been able to be touched. Usually the tumors in the abdominal cavity can be detected after abdominal bulge and look hard. This was known at the time the child was bathed. Symptoms that are visible, such as stomach suddenly enlarged. Child grew thin and pale.

Miscellaneous Medications

Cancer treatment done in various ways, including:

* Chemotherapy

Performed by using a powerful cytostatic drugs kill cancer cells and a low side effect on normal cells. How it works is to stop the proliferation / growth of cancer cells. While for normal cells cultivated only slightly influenced by such treatment.

The basis of the mechanism for selecting drug targets located at different levels of cell proliferation. Therefore, normal cells from tissue belonging to high-level proliferasinya not spared from the adverse effects of drug targets. Network that is sensitive to this side effect is bone marrow, digestive tract, hair follicles, and skin. Cytostatica there who work specifically on a cell cycle, some are non-specific.

According to Endang, the emergence of side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, no appetite child because the influence of drugs used. In this case, parents need not force the child to eat a lot first. What is important, calories are met.

* Radiotherapy

Is one of the medications that are important in malignant disease because these medications can shrink the tumor as well as eliminating some of the clinical symptoms. Radiation is given to inhibit chemical bonds necessary for the formation of cells.

* Surgery

Surgery can be done in the primary tumor at diagnosis, or at the second observation after treatment is another way (chemotherapy or radiotherapy). The second method is more commonly performed on the tumor mass is too large or if the location could cause interference such as the face or genitals.

At surgery, which should be sought is to lift the entire tumor mass with intact. During surgery, the tissues around the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes should be examined carefully against possible spread of tumors.


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