To be breastfed Little Easy

Many women complain of his mother's milk did not come out so that ultimately not feeding the baby. In fact, based on research results are known, from the 100 mothers who can not breastfeed claimed that only two people who proved his mother's milk did not come out. The remaining 98 people in just one technique alone. Well, so that mothers can breastfeed and your baby can breastfeed easily, tips following:

Find a comfortable position.
Comfortable position is that not make you feel tense and stiff. Do not lean forward so that your nipples get into the baby's mouth. Put a pillow on your lap to support the arm that embraces the baby and put the baby to your chest.

Hold the breast between your thumb and forefinger just above the areola.
To stimulate the baby's sucking reflex, bring the nipple to the cheeks so that her lips touched the corner. This will make the baby turn toward the touch. Do not press on both cheeks so that the baby's mouth is open because it only made him do not know where to turn. When the baby's mouth was open, gently insert the nipple into the center so the baby can be pinned. If necessary repeat this sequence until the baby can "hold" the nipple in his mouth. Do not force, but give a chance. That way, eventually the baby can take their own initiatives.

Make sure your baby's mouth went up to the nipple and around the areola.
Only sucking nipples, besides going to make baby still hungry because the milk glands that secrete milk was not depressed, also will make your nipples sore.

Make sure the baby is not sucking the lower lip or tongue.
You can check this by pulling the lower lip of the baby down while she was breastfeeding. If he seems to suck his own tongue, stop sucking your fingers. Remove the nipple and make sure he did not lift his tongue before you begin to put the nipple back.

Make sure your baby's nose was not blocked by your breast.
Use fingers to press the breast away from the nose so that there is enough space for him to breathe.

Note the movement of the baby's cheek.
Strong movement, regular and rhythmic suction marks on the baby's cheek ASI is underway. When the milk is flowing, you can hear the sucking sound that ensure ingestion not in vain.

Squeeze the milk when the flow is too strong.
When the milk out too quickly can make a baby to choke. Stop feeding and wring out a bit of breast milk by hand or pump to reduce the excess.

Dry the nipples after breastfeeding is over.
If possible, leave the nipples exposed to the air for 10-15 minutes. This will help strengthen the nipple and no longer needs to be done if the process of breastfeeding is going well.


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