To Introduce Baby Porridge

Porridge is a form of soft food which is the transition from the liquid diet food to normal food. Form of soft foods can be introduced to babies from age 6 months. Here are some things which should be noted by Hindah Muaris.

1. In infants aged 6 8 months, certainly more gentle form of porridge and a little liquid.
2. Stage introduction additional food for babies:
* Age 6-8 months give milk porridge, which is porridge made from breast milk or formula and one or more other foods in the form of cereals or other types of tubers are rich in carbohydrates. The pulp of fruit can also be introduced at this age.
* At the age of 8 months and over, the form of slurry can be varied with different types of materials and already can be added with coconut milk and a little oil to meet the adequacy of fat.
3. Month old children in 1224 began the weaning period. That is, children can eat adult food.
4. Porridge should still meet the required standards of nutritional adequacy for children which contains enough energy, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.
5. Use a food that is easily digested and do not add spices that stimulate. Materials often used for pulp are different types of cereals, grains, nuts, combined with the sharing of other types of materials.
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Streamlining the production of breast milk

There are factors that support for milk production so smoothly, namely:

* Build motivation by finding out the benefits of breast milk.

* During labor, choose a hospital rooming-in policy so that mothers and babies to be together and hold for 24 hours.

* Prepare physically and mentally for breastfeeding. Feeling of happiness and love to touch the baby will make the hormone oxytocin is working to produce milk and breast milk is ready to release.

* Master the correct feeding position. Position errors can cause cracked nipples, inflammation of the breast, or a baby only breast milk sucking air because the fluid does not exit.

* Do not provide any food or drink other than breast milk to newborns, unless medically indicated. Giving other liquids will only make lazy infant breast feeding and ultimately less stimulated.

* Ask for support from the spouse.

* Find a quiet atmosphere while breastfeeding. If you like, do it while listening to relaxing music.

* Avoid stress.
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Choosing Baby Milk

In addition, regardless of age, in choosing the right formula also needs to consider whether your baby is in trouble or not. Of course, what the nutritional content of formula milk you need to know.

Choosing formula milk for babies, it seems not as easy as imagined. Especially now that so many formula milk products are offered, from the usual to label contains additional nutrients important for the baby.

Unfortunately, most of us do not understand in terms of nutrients found in milk formula. That is why, many women who eventually became confused, had to choose what kind of formula is right for her beloved baby. Well, so Mom and Dad was the wrong choice, let us refer to the following expert discussion.ADJUSTING AGE

"Obviously the first thing to consider is the age of the baby," said Mohamad Harli. As is known, the formula is divided into 2 age groups, that is for babies aged 0-6 months are generally referred to initial formula feeding and for infants aged 6-12 months or advanced formula. "The difference is due to digestion of infants aged 6 months to bottom has not been perfect". Another thing with babies aged 6 months upwards, "generally have started better."

Is not the baby of this age have also begun to be given extra food? Thus, the nutrient content in milk formula was adjusted to the baby's digestive ability of this age. In addition, further Harli, "nutrient requirements for infants under the age of 6 months to not equal to babies over 6 months of age," he explained. The most obvious differences are in calories. "For babies under 6 months of age, calories needed per day by up to 560 MPA. While babies over 6 months of age need 800 MPA per day."

You see, the energy of infants aged 6 months upwards are more due to the growth of age and weight gain. So, the calories needed too much. In other languages, the nutritional content of infant formula, whether beginning or advanced, always tailored to the age and the baby's digestive capabilities and nutritional needs of any accretion age. In fact, also with the baby weight and height. Of course, that as a benchmark is a measure for normal infants.


Formula milk is also distinguished by the level of infant allergy to milk. In this regard, there are 3 kinds of formula milk, ie milk formula, soy milk and milk elemental. If a baby can receive infant formula with the appropriate brand whatever his age, he is not allergic. So, he can consume regular milk formula made from cow's milk and fortified (plus) with a variety of nutrients.

Another thing if the baby is not suitable to consume regular milk formula, usually a doctor will recommend that the baby is given milk made from soybeans. Because the light Harli, "these babies have a very sensitive digestion of fat in cow's milk." But if the baby is in trouble with cow's milk or soy milk, then the other alternative is elemental milk or formula milk casein hydrolysis.

"Milk is an elemental formula milk fat content is reduced but other nutrients reproduced," to know the baby's troubled mother-father or not with regular milk formula. Among other things, happy baby mengkonsuminya and not often cry because of abdominal pain. "If you do not match, the baby usually do not want to consume it and after several attempts will be trouble.

closer to breast milk

Regarding the nutritional content of infant formula, the best course is to approach breastfeeding. "A formula known as breastmilk substitutes". But make no mistake, he added, does not mean milk formula then can be equated with mother's milk. "However, there is no formula that can equal breast milk."

So, breast milk remains the best food for babies because all the necessary nutrients contained therein. Although infant formula contains additional nutrients, for example, DHA, according to Harli, still can not match the mother's milk. "Essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid or DHA and omega-6 only as an extra just because really, without added DHA and Omega-6 any, nutrients are met," he explained.

In other words, all the nutrients contained in all types of infant formula have fulfilled the necessary standards of nutritional adequacy of infant. Dosage of each nutrient was already close to breast milk nutrients. "So, no one should take precedence". Precisely when to prefer one, for example, protein or fat alone, would disrupt the balance of other nutrients.
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Dental Care for babies aged 0-24 months

Generally, dental diseases and disorders in children is one of the disturbances in the process of growth and development. Since baby teeth begin to grow, parents must take responsibility to clean their baby teeth. Although children's teeth are just baby teeth whose existence is only temporary, but the health of milk teeth affect the dental health of children in the future. Therefore, as parents need to know how to care for your child's teeth as a baby in the right way, for oral health of children is resolved.

How to care for the baby's mouth at the age of 0-6 months:

1. Clean your baby's gums with a damp cloth, at least twice a day

2. Do not allow your baby to sleep while drinking milk with a bottle of milk.

3. Finished breastfeeding, remember to clean the baby's mouth with a damp cloth

4. Do not add a sweet taste in the bottle of milk with honey or something sweet.

How to care for the baby's mouth and teeth at the age of 7-12 months:

1. Ask your pediatrician or your dentist if your baby is getting enough fluoride

2. Remember to clean your baby's mouth with a damp cloth (not wet at all), after feeding.

3. Do not let the baby sleep with a bottle of milk (while drinking milk from a bottle) except water.

4. Give plain water if you want to drink out of baby feeding schedule

5. When teeth begin to grow, start clean with a damp cloth. Clean every surface of the tooth and gum line between teeth with him carefully, because the food was often left on the surface.

6. When baby teeth begin to grow, start using a small toothbrush with soft surface and the nylon material.

7. Do not use toothpaste and remember to always wet the toothbrush with water.

8. Check with your child's teeth to the dentist, after 6 months from the first tooth erupts, or when age children a year.

How to care for the baby's mouth and teeth at the age of 13-24 months:

1. Begin introducing fluoride toothpaste

2. Do not let the child sleep with a bottle of milk (while drinking milk from a bottle), except water.

3. Use a pea-sized toothpaste green.

4. Brush teeth at least twice a day (after breakfast and before bed at night)

5. Use a soft toothbrush from nylon material.

6. Replace toothbrushes every three months or when the brush hairs are damaged.

7. Be a role model by practicing good oral health habits maintain and perform routine checks to the dentist every 6 months.

8. Familiarize children to eat healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

9. Avoid snacks that contain sugar.

quoted from exposure Drg.Yerika & Drg. Marshinta
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Preparing the Baby Room

Select a simple nursery equipment and practical. Simple, in a sense fulfilled its function for the maintenance and development of the baby. Practically, can still be used until the age of the child two or three years. It could even enable the converted after the child is even greater.

Waiting a baby is a thrilling moment. Everything want to be prepared as possible. Ranging from clothing to her room. Concerning the preparation of this room, keep in mind for the convenience of infant care as well as possible.


The main equipment needed for baby's room is a baby bed and a desk. Though today there are various models, you can choose a simple and practical. So that could be used for a long time.

There are two kinds of size bed. That is 80 x 120 cm and 100 x 150 cm. Both are quite large, so that it can be used until the child is aged around 2-3 years. Lattice bed should be high enough, to block the baby so the baby did not fall.


While tables are used to place menyabun baby, change clothes or diaper and place put toiletries. The bottom of the table is usually a drawer or cupboard to store baby clothes. The existence of this baby table in addition to practical, not too exhausting you, because they do not have to bend over.

For this baby different table sizes, ie 60 x 90 cm and 60 x 120 cm. "Most of the mothers liked the small size. Because there are many eating places. The ideal height is 80 cm," said Ida F Baradja daro Le Monde, which is involved in baby gear.

Not only that, the table can be used until the baby is a big boy. In addition to cabinets, as well as a desk, shelf toys or books.

If you do not plan to buy the baby table, substitute can be used ordinary desk or table. If the file size accordingly. Mattress for baby bed and a table can be made from cotton or foam.

Only if the weather is too hot, the foam will feel the heat. "The advantage of foam, which follow the rhythm of baby's body. So good for body growth," said Ida further.

In addition to a baby bed and a table, you should provide the chair where you sit with a relaxing time feeding the baby.


For furniture you can choose the color of white, beige and brown. While other equipment, such as bed sheets there are a variety of color choices.

"Actually, all the bright colors suitable for babies. Both the blue, yellow and pink. Just because fashion only. The match each color with the sex of the baby," says Ida on the appropriate color for baby girls or boys.

You can also choose the desired color after the baby is born, because now a lot of ready-made and the price is relatively cheap. As for the color of curtains you can customize with colors that exist in the baby room.

For baby's room more cheerful mood, add a cute wall decoration and other brightly colored toys. As the pictures of animals and children's stories.
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Phobia Therapy

Not all phobias can be eliminated. This depends on your child's personality, mental capacity, and abilities as well as therapeutic techniques were applied. The technique of the therapy is drug therapy, behavioral and psychotherapy.

Drug therapy is done by giving certain medications (anti-phobia). While behavioral therapy used by children. For example, the child afraid of the cat. Parents get children to buy a toy doll cat and mouse, then the child is brought near a cat that tame and not scary. So that eventually the child will be able to overcome her fear of cats.While psychotherapy will be explored in therapy traumas or past conflicts of the child. Way through conversations. Children are invited to understand and explore the roots of the problems that it faces. After successfully known cause, then find how to cope.
Dwidjo reminded, no matter how small phobias suffered by children as a form of deviation must be addressed immediately. Otherwise, children may feel embarrassed because his friends ridiculed as cowards. This could interfere with his social life.

School Phobia
At pre-school age children or school, such as spoken Dwidjo, the term phobia is used only for school phobia. This occurred at the age of the child is not supposed to be afraid anymore to go to school but in reality he is afraid. "At the beginning of school anxiety. But worries are different from adults."

Anxiety in children depicted in the form of a variety of behaviors. Whether the child is so angry, unable to sit still, fussy, crying, and so forth. "Thus, non-specific and vague. However long your child does not dare to school."

However, complaints that appear on the child is not uangkapan, "I do not want to school." Maybe he will be the first symptom complained of his head pain, dizziness, and long the child actually reject school. Once asked why, the child may only say scared. But fears that he could not explain.

Now, the process experienced by the child's fear is sometimes the parents do not understand, so that forced school children. In fact, there are some children who experience great fear, so often met children who vomiting, abdominal pain and forth when going to school.

Of course there are many reasons why the child is afraid of going to school. Because he could not get accustomed to his new environment. He did not know new people around him, afraid of the friends, teachers, and others. Can also because he was afraid to separate from his parents, afraid to part with a safe home environment. Moreover, whose name is an institution that a new school for the children.
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Strategy Overcome Difficult Sleep When Containing

Mom had trouble sleeping while pregnant? Let's explore healthy solution.
There are many things that can cause a pregnant woman was difficult to sleep soundly, ranging from weight gain, pain is experienced, to worry about sleeping positions that might endanger the womb. Here are eight strategies for mothers to remain slept soundly despite the stomach were 'loaded'.

1. If mother trouble breathing (eg due to weight gain), then body with a few pillows to position the baby away from the diaphragm so the lungs can more freely.

2. Mothers should not drink any more after pk.18.00 to reduce the tendency to urinate when going to bed. Avoid caffeine, too. And, be sure to drink enough water on mothers throughout the day.

3. Try not to focus too much on the pain that may be in the mother feels. Calm the body and mind will help the mother sleep more quickly than if mothers continue to complain about the pain that appears.

4. Consuming a glass of warm milk can also help the mother fast asleep. Lactose content can stimulate insulin that can encourage the tryptophan in milk protein to affect the brain so the mothers could quickly fall asleep. If the mother's lactose intolerant, then the mother can replace it with soy milk or rice milk.

5. Create atmosphere of dim / dark and quiet in the room, and wherever possible use the bed for sleeping and sexual activities only, not for her laptop ria or other activities.

6. Turn on the AC (usually easy to feel the heat of pregnant women is not it? Because it is easier for someone to sleep in a cool atmosphere.

7. Lie sideways position because this is the most comfortable position for pregnant women.

8. If sleep problems persist, consult your doctor immediately
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Signs Your Pregnant

When you whitish without any odor, itching, or heat, then this could be a sign that there is a candidate for your baby in the womb. cihuy!

Although there are many irregularities that recently occurred in the body of Jane, but he's still afraid to believe that it is likely she is pregnant. It's known, has been long enough, five years ... Jane and her husband kept praying and trying to keep their children. However, each time checking over-pack test, results always came out negative. Jane just did not want to be disappointed again ...

Are you including one woman who experienced similar incidents Jane? Afraid to believe that maybe you are pregnant? If the accuracy of the test-pack makes you doubt, then the seventh sign below this could be the handle to see if you actually incorporated two or not.

'Guest' did not come

This month is also when you have menstrual periods usually come early. This is one of the most obvious sign that you're 'contain'. However, there are women who still 'bleed' when she was pregnant, although the time periods shorter than normal.


Do you often feel nauseated at daybreak? Usually this happens to women who are pregnant. Some women just feel queasy in the morning only, the other almost all day.

Breasts 'harden'

"Oh, do not touch!" Do you struggle with the 'hardening' breasts? This generally happens anyway, and usually disappears when pregnancy is entering her second trimester.


Did you start frequently attacked by a headache? This usually happens due to hormonal changes. However, if attacked by a headache, then you certainly do not mean pregnant. Could be you are feeling dizzy due to sheer stress.

I'm so 'swell'

There are some pregnant women who fast directly to swell when she was pregnant. However, once again, this is still a sign only. Some parts of the body during menstruation women also swollen right?


When you whitish without any odor, itching, or heat, then this could be a sign that there is a candidate for your baby in the womb. yihaa! This happens because the cervix (neck of the womb) to produce mucus to block the 'entrance' into the cervix so the baby does not become infected from outside the body.


Being emotionally sensitive could be a sign that you are pregnant. Again, this occurs as the impact of changes in hormones in the body.

If most of the seven signs above your daily coloring lately, then would not it be better if you make sure the results with a doctor? Happy to be a mother!
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Alcohol can poison a baby in the womb

A study carried out by Dutch scientists say that a mother who consumed alcohol while pregnant, the sperm is very risky to poison baby boys at birth.

Currently, alcohol consumption was not only done by men, but women also love to consume alcohol. Indeed, alcohol including dangerous and likely to cause addiction. Is not only dangerous for your health, but also dangerous for the fetus that may be contained by a woman who liked alcohol.

As reported by babycenter, we are told that scientists do research on a woman who was pregnant with a baby boy and liked to be alcohol. From drinking habits, the observed development of the child. And found that alcohol goes into the belly of the baby's mother had been poisoned and make these babies tend to have very low sperm count when he grew up.

Until now, scientists are still not sure how much alcohol can poison the baby. However, alcohol can be very dangerous especially consumed by pregnant women.

"It is possible that alcohol poisoning and endangering the production of sperm by the testes. But until now there is no exact number of how much alcohol is really dangerous otherwise. We recommend that if you are consumsi alcohol, limit your alcohol intake," says Cecilia, a leader Study at a university in Danish.
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Wary of Tumor In Children

Because of its presence difficult to detect, alert to the symptoms parents obliged. What type of tumor can be chronic childhood disease and ways of what used to treat it?

In medical terms, mean tumor swelling or lumps. It can be benign, malignant as well, depending on the nature of the picture cells under a microscope. From there we can be sure, the type and tumor growth. Not only that. From the biological properties can also be viewed on the enlargement, spread, and disruption of the tumor.

"There is a lump or tumor mass in a child, must always consider the possibility of malignant diseases known as cancer," said dr. Endang Windiastuti, MD, MM (Paed), the Sub-Division of Hematology-Oncology Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta.

In children, tumors in the organs of the body lying on the inside of the body tends aka hard look. Well, that's why sometimes children who suffer from tumors late to the doctor and the next thing I knew the tumor was in a state of advanced stage.

What actually causes the tumor and how to deal with children affected by tumors?


Broadly speaking, the cause of tumors is still unknown. For example, why the cells that had been growing normally turn into malignant or why these cells would not grow and even death can not be controlled by existing systems in the body. Various theories advanced to explain the causes of tumor / cancer in children. However, until now no one can explain clearly and thoroughly.

"Because the child still has a limited life, then chances are factors such as eating habits, exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, are also still very limited. In other words, it can not be said to be the cause," said Endang.

Various matters, namely the possibility of the existence of certain conditions within the body of the child, until now, also still in the research experts. For example, genetic or chromosomal abnormalities, which is due to outside influences (eg viruses) can cause cancer. Similarly, the existence of deficiencies in the immune system can increase the incidence of malignant disease in children. X-rays (radioactive rays) are also associated with the occurrence of tumor / cancer in children. In addition, exposure to radioactive rays in a mother who is pregnant may increase the risk of tumor / cancer later in her fetus.

When linked to the child, obviously Endang, "The theory is still due to virus infection. Viral infections cause changes in the cell so that cells become malignant. There's more because the gene change or mutation. The cause of this mutation may have something to do because of the chemicals, viruses, or other.


Early introduction of disease symptoms caused by malignancy, especially in children, very difficult. Can not be detected and can also cause symptoms that are generally not specific. "Pain suspect there is something new malignant appear after symptoms appear striking," said Endang. Symptoms are often visible is the prolonged fever without obvious cause. Body temperature varies, approximately 38 to 38.5 degrees Celsius, despite lowering drugs had been given heat, the temperature rose again after declining for a second. In addition, body weight decreased drastically in a short time. This occurs because of decreased appetite.

According to statistics, the most common cancer in children is acute leukemia, followed by lymph node cancer (lymphoma malignum), eye cancer (retinoblastoma), neural cancers (neuroblastoma), kidney cancer (nefroblastoma), and others. "What is clear, cancer found in children are different and very rarely found in adults."

Various treatments have been found and developed. The goal, of course, to achieve healing. Among others with chemotherapy, surgical treatment, and radiotherapy. In addition, has also developed the treatment with bone marrow transplantation.

"Especially for pediatric patients is ongoing growth of the process, experts must consider several other aspects of treatment," said Endang. Such as adequate nutrition, prevention of infection and pain, and psychological approach to children and their families.


Because until now not known with certainty the cause of tumor / cancer in children, it is even more imperative after the discovery of any tumor is an intensive treatment. "This was not a lot of promise in patients. Figures briefings on the type of tumor / cancer," said Endang.

Almost all the tumors and cancer treatment takes one and a half to two years. For leukemia in the early phase called induction phase. This phase is the most severe because the child must be hospitalized for about 6-7 weeks. Children will be given drugs by direct injection into a vein, intravenously, or through the back into the central nervous system.

These drugs cause serious side effects. Make hair fall out, boy shivering, fever, thrush, diarrhea. Therefore, in the induction phase of this child must be hospitalized for observation. After that new bone marrow surgery, whether cured or not. When children expressed remission (recovery) so he may be seeing the road.

In addition to chemotherapy, childhood cancer who also underwent radiation after induction phase. Whereas for solid tumors (solid tumors) such as renal tumors, eye, lymph nodes, and other, usually performed surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

If still possible, usually the tumor will be removed first, by taking the network as much as possible. After that, viewed through a microscope to determine its type. It is important to determine what type of treatment. Whether radiation or chemotherapy first. Or maybe not need chemotherapy, surgery enough. If at the time of surgery was tumor had spread everywhere, tissue taken quite a bit, then do a biopsy.

From there can be known, how much stage tumors / cancer suffered. For advanced-stage tumors, for example, chemotherapy and radiation plays an important role. "So, actually getting patients to come early, when the surgeon can lift the net, the possibility of life will be better," said Endang.

Unfortunately until now there has been no tumor prevention. So, smart-pandailah we detect any suspicious symptoms. In short, so there was something wrong in the child, immediately consult a doctor.

Types of Cancer in Children

* Leukemia

Known as blood cancer. Symptoms of acute leukemia characterized by prolonged fever. Children suddenly pale (suddenly) with no bleeding. Bleeding can occur for example in the skin or in the gums when brushing teeth, or without cause nosebleeds. Then came the blue-blue color in the skin.

Each of these symptoms can not stand alone. Child's feet are blue-blue, for example, if it does not mean she leukemia without the above symptoms. In addition, weight loss and decreased appetite.

* Lymphoma

Is a cancer of lymph nodes. Complaint is usually with abdominal enlargement. There is also enlargement of lymph nodes quickly without pain and without signs of infection occurred at a place (usually in the neck) or somewhere else. Then, there are or without disturbances of urine, body heat rise and fall, appetite and weight loss, lethargic child does not want to play.

Your doctor will detect via x-rays and then sent him to hospital to be further clarification.

* Retinoblastom

Malignancy of the eye wall eye usually cause symptoms. When viewed by using the flashlight will look white on the retina, such as cat eyes (cat eyes). This was caused by the reflection of light from inside the eyeball. This is an early symptom retinoblastom. "Sometimes a child can not complain and can not say anything. That was hard. In addition, parents were rarely aware of it," said Endang.

So, in the early stages do not show up lumps. In fact, when it is still early, retinal surgery could be performed by ophthalmologists. Continuous state of the retina can cause swelling. When the ball protruding eyes that suggests a state that has been advanced and can cause blindness. This situation is feared to spread to the brain and bone marrow.

* Brain Cancer

Brain tumors generally cause headaches, along with a wall eye, and double vision. Once more it may cause a very severe headache, vomiting, and children can not walk because there are problems of coordination.

* Bone Cancer

Malignancy in the bone should be suspected if the swelling continues to expand on one leg.

* Stomach Cancer

Generally, tumors / cancer of the stomach is almost no complaints or grievances arise, although the tumor has not been able to be touched. Usually the tumors in the abdominal cavity can be detected after abdominal bulge and look hard. This was known at the time the child was bathed. Symptoms that are visible, such as stomach suddenly enlarged. Child grew thin and pale.

Miscellaneous Medications

Cancer treatment done in various ways, including:

* Chemotherapy

Performed by using a powerful cytostatic drugs kill cancer cells and a low side effect on normal cells. How it works is to stop the proliferation / growth of cancer cells. While for normal cells cultivated only slightly influenced by such treatment.

The basis of the mechanism for selecting drug targets located at different levels of cell proliferation. Therefore, normal cells from tissue belonging to high-level proliferasinya not spared from the adverse effects of drug targets. Network that is sensitive to this side effect is bone marrow, digestive tract, hair follicles, and skin. Cytostatica there who work specifically on a cell cycle, some are non-specific.

According to Endang, the emergence of side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, no appetite child because the influence of drugs used. In this case, parents need not force the child to eat a lot first. What is important, calories are met.

* Radiotherapy

Is one of the medications that are important in malignant disease because these medications can shrink the tumor as well as eliminating some of the clinical symptoms. Radiation is given to inhibit chemical bonds necessary for the formation of cells.

* Surgery

Surgery can be done in the primary tumor at diagnosis, or at the second observation after treatment is another way (chemotherapy or radiotherapy). The second method is more commonly performed on the tumor mass is too large or if the location could cause interference such as the face or genitals.

At surgery, which should be sought is to lift the entire tumor mass with intact. During surgery, the tissues around the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes should be examined carefully against possible spread of tumors.
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Disease alert Season Transition

Change of seasons become an arena of certain diseases rampant. Find out what diseases are potentially in transition season!

When transition, not just dust or floods that made dizzy, tropical disease came. Well, to be more alert to the diseases in the transition season, dr. Adji Suranto SpA., From RS Usada Insani Tangerang, explain these diseases and how to prevent it.

(Respiratory Tract Infection)

At the time of transition rainy season to dry season, complaints ARI (upper respiratory infection) can suddenly bloom at all. Starting from rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis to laryngitis. Generally, symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection can include fever, cough, runny nose or sneezing or sore throat.

According Adji ARI cases rampant in the early dry season, was follow the environmental changes that are the means conducive to the germs that cause ARI to multiply. In addition to ARI, allergic diseases such as asthma or rhinitis are also frequent. At the turn of the rainy season to dry season the valve is cold and dry and a lot of dust can also trigger asthma relapse.


The high volume of rainfall causes floods, the wind causes the dust flying, making the risk of contamination of food / drink by bacteria or parasites cause diarrhea increasing.

"Especially if the water used for washing dishes less hygienic, is certainly making germs easily enter our bodies," said Adji.

Bacterial infections, parasites, and viruses that enter the digestive tract through food / beverages are often diidap children and toddlers because the immune system is not optimal.

Do not underestimate the diarrhea. If the child has a bowel movement that is too liquid continuously, should note the child's fluid intake. Providing drinking enough fluids is very much ORS to help sufferers, especially to stabilize the electrolyte body and lowers the risk of exacerbations. In essence, patients still watch fluid intake.


Typically begins with symptoms like fever, cough, runny nose, feeling cold (shivering), muscle aches, headaches, and fatigue. In contrast to the diarrhea, the flu can be transmitted via droplets from coughs or sneezes of people who suffer from the flu, and contact with surfaces contaminated with influenza virus. Do not be too often touched his mouth and nose regions at that season!

Yet this virus can also be inactivated by sunlight, soaps and disinfectants, so that still could be reduced risk of infection.


The main symptoms of diarrhea, with others such as Chapter accompanied by additional mucus or blood and is usually accompanied by fever. Dysentery can be caused by infection with Shigella bacteria, E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter jejuni. Also on toddlers can also be caused protozoan parasites such as Entamoeba infection hystolitica.

In the transition season, dysentery easily transmitted through food / drink contaminated. This disease can cause complications, so doctors need to get treatment as soon as possible


Cough is basically a foreign object out of the body mechanism in the upper respiratory tract. One of them, may be caused by the flu or a respiratory infection that causes mucus or inflammation of the respiratory tract.

In the transition season, where the flu virus and germs that cause many breed ARI, cough was getting into. Handle it, needs to be done before establishing the diagnosis of the cause or etiology, then the treatment can be given in accordance with the illness.

Typhus and Paratifus

Salmonella typhosa is that many are in the stagnant dirty water or soil, can migrate into food and beverages and enter into the digestive tract. These germs then cause inflammation of the intestine, causing symptoms of high fever, chills, weakness / fatigue, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting.

Necessary laboratory examination to confirm the diagnosis. If positive, you should immediately take it to the doctor to get proper treatment so that no complications occur and fatal disease.

Dengue Fever

In the transition season, dengue fever could become epidemic again. Generally in DHF endemic pockets, so there is certainly still reproduce aegipty aedes mosquitoes.

In early infection, a person suffering dengue fever will experience with headache, abdominal pain, and joint pain similar to flu symptoms. But when it took a few days, the condition of the patient's body is usually weaker. Spontaneous bleeding may occur in the skin of red spots (called petekhie), nosebleeds, bleeding gums and other.

On day 3 of fever, doctors generally will conduct laboratory examinations to diagnose the patient. DHF patients require a lot of fluid intake to prevent shock and deterioration that can come rapidly. We recommend that when suffering from symptoms such as sudden high fever, accompanied by headache, abdominal pain and does not respond well to heat-lowering drugs, should immediately consult a doctor to get treatment since early. And do not forget to always drink a lot.

Hepatitis A

In the transition season, you also need to be wary of hepatitis A. This virus can be spread through food and beverages and infect the liver.

The disease is characterized by nausea, vomiting continuously, weak / tired, and fever and can attack all ages. In advanced stages, the symptoms of hepatitis A can also be followed by the entire skin, and sclera eye yellow. When you find symptoms of fever accompanied by the whites of the eye ball is yellow, the patient should see a doctor immediately.

Prevent the Sweet!

Though as unpredictable, a disease in transition season could still be prevented, you know! Here are some how.

1. Immunization

Prevent some diseases that may appear in the season since the transition by giving the vaccine early. Among other things, the vaccine for typhoid fever, hepatitis A, measles vaccine, and so forth.

2. Nutritious Eating

Consumption of a complete and balanced nutritional food especially high protein content, vitamin A, vitamin C as antioxidants and minerals, especially zinc (zinc), so that the body has sufficient defense.

3. Environmental Conservation

Break the chain of disease by keeping the environment clean. And, to avoid the children from a potentially infectious disease, such as hospitals.

4. Do Good Habits

Do with family habits like washing hands every time they eat and when traveling, because it proved able to reduce infant mortality, diarrhea and the risk of bird flu.
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To be breastfed Little Easy

Many women complain of his mother's milk did not come out so that ultimately not feeding the baby. In fact, based on research results are known, from the 100 mothers who can not breastfeed claimed that only two people who proved his mother's milk did not come out. The remaining 98 people in just one technique alone. Well, so that mothers can breastfeed and your baby can breastfeed easily, tips following:

Find a comfortable position.
Comfortable position is that not make you feel tense and stiff. Do not lean forward so that your nipples get into the baby's mouth. Put a pillow on your lap to support the arm that embraces the baby and put the baby to your chest.

Hold the breast between your thumb and forefinger just above the areola.
To stimulate the baby's sucking reflex, bring the nipple to the cheeks so that her lips touched the corner. This will make the baby turn toward the touch. Do not press on both cheeks so that the baby's mouth is open because it only made him do not know where to turn. When the baby's mouth was open, gently insert the nipple into the center so the baby can be pinned. If necessary repeat this sequence until the baby can "hold" the nipple in his mouth. Do not force, but give a chance. That way, eventually the baby can take their own initiatives.

Make sure your baby's mouth went up to the nipple and around the areola.
Only sucking nipples, besides going to make baby still hungry because the milk glands that secrete milk was not depressed, also will make your nipples sore.

Make sure the baby is not sucking the lower lip or tongue.
You can check this by pulling the lower lip of the baby down while she was breastfeeding. If he seems to suck his own tongue, stop sucking your fingers. Remove the nipple and make sure he did not lift his tongue before you begin to put the nipple back.

Make sure your baby's nose was not blocked by your breast.
Use fingers to press the breast away from the nose so that there is enough space for him to breathe.

Note the movement of the baby's cheek.
Strong movement, regular and rhythmic suction marks on the baby's cheek ASI is underway. When the milk is flowing, you can hear the sucking sound that ensure ingestion not in vain.

Squeeze the milk when the flow is too strong.
When the milk out too quickly can make a baby to choke. Stop feeding and wring out a bit of breast milk by hand or pump to reduce the excess.

Dry the nipples after breastfeeding is over.
If possible, leave the nipples exposed to the air for 10-15 minutes. This will help strengthen the nipple and no longer needs to be done if the process of breastfeeding is going well.
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Caution With Baby sitter

Baby sitter was so important that when we can not be near the child. But that does not mean we should take it easy. There must remain vigilant

Recently in Taipei (Taiwan), a 3-month-old baby beaten caregivers. Beaten, thrown onto the sofa, and other harsh treatment. That any new light after the baby brother 2.5-year-old complained to his father and mother. She said, her brother had often treated as such by his babysitter.

Between believing and not, finally dipasanglah a camera to monitor and record what the caregivers. Sure enough, the nurse treating the baby with a little rough while only able to cry loudly. The scene was one had aired on television around the world, including Indonesia. "Of course, its impact on the child will be very great," commented Prof. Dr. Singgih D. Gunarsa very touched by the news about the rude treatment. Baby, Singgih said, is like a batter who has not been formed. "So hard and rough treatment that will map out something to him," explained Vice Chairman Tarumanagara Foundation. Could be when you grow up going to lose the delicacy of the baby, loss of temper, or lose the intimacy. Because all he got was not used due to rough treatment and hard more often received.


Although these events took place in neighboring countries, but enough to make anxious parents, especially mothers who are forced to surrender on child support alias nanny babysitter because they have to work outside the home. It is also a concern Singgih so that he then reminds parents to be careful in choosing a nanny. "Do not just focus solely on caregiver skills. Notice also the factor of affection because a babysitter is a private figure who would be constantly in touch with the kids," said the former Head of Child Psychology and Development University of Indonesia.

Indeed, I Singgih, not easy to get a figure of caregivers who have a love of children. The problem is, the caregiver is not the mother who gave birth to the child directly. "In short, the babysitter was not prepared to become a mother," he said. Supplies they receive from any foundation, generally only limited ways to feed babies. About how to coax the baby to eat, for example, is not in the lesson.

In fact, not infrequently happens, how should wash dishes / drinks baby, still often should we teach and train. Well, no more talk about the knowledge related to infant growth and development. Very difficult to expect.


So, remember not easy to choose and get the right nanny, babysitter Singgih likened the selection process similar to the selection of company employees. "The first thing should be relied upon is feeling or the feeling of the old man. We may not have the background to assess a caregiver with an objective way. So, like it or not we should use the feeling," said the author of numerous books on psychology and psychological development of this sport .

In addition, parents also need to consider how to talk to the prospective nanny. From there, said Singgih, can know how the caregivers respond to the baby. These responses will be to develop a way to talk to the baby. "Yes, do not require excellent grammar. The logical-logical. We, do, do not get to teach a caregiver to speak the language of regular and good." At least, from the tone of voice of the prospective nanny, parents can know whether his voice harsh or rough, and so forth.

However, even if the parents have found a nanny that "appropriate" for her baby, Singgih still ask that parents do not just rely on trust when using the services the caregivers. "How busy anything, parents should remain active to find out how the treatment of the caregivers of infants. The term, make checks and ricek. Do not let the parents give up entirely on trust babysitters."

Of course, surveillance and monitoring system is indeed not easy. But at least the parents have to keep trying to find the best solution. Well, one of the surveillance system is offered Singgih invite other people in the house to work together. Whether it's helper, driver or gardener. "So, while the parents go, get them to keep an eye on babysitters. If they have the intention to help them will certainly easier to work with."


To find out if the baby is experiencing violence or not, can be detected by looking at it physically. For example, there is found a bruise on a particular part or in whole body. While a psychic, detection can be done by looking at the baby's fussiness. "Baby's fussiness is a short-term impact is easily recognizable when he was not treated properly from the caregivers," explained Singgih.

Well, if the baby's mother was always cranky, beware. That could be a sign of an imposition. Because, as stated by the Chairman of the Indonesian Child Foundation, "A force will always cause unpleasant feeling."

Furthermore, when parents realize or suspect the baby suffered physical violence, Singgih stressed the baby should be immediately withdrawn from the atmosphere. "Not just because we are then forced to entrust our babies to someone who we know are not good."

At the same time, immediately bring the baby to a specialist child mental observations, emotions, or health, so they can know how severe the violence experienced by the baby. "A child's physician will soon be able to detect, where a happy child or an unhappy child."

Then, if all the impact of this violence can be eliminated? Thankfully, the answer is, yes! Although the science of psychology, according to Singgih, violence can leave a "memory" in their own child's memory, but, nonetheless, still not set in stone. "The smaller the child, the greater the opportunity to improve. Therefore parents need to quickly replace the violence that has occurred with a touch of affection in children and of course parents need to take your child to the doctor's skill," said a professor at the Graduate Program UI and the University of Gajah Mada this.

Need Interview

One thing that is often forgotten by the mothers nurse their children when recruiting candidates is to conduct interviews. Often the mothers had had enough just to hear references from acquaintances that the foundation of his so-good babysitter, and then immediately receive the caregivers after calling the foundation. Gratitude if the mother can directly obtain a suitable caregiver and good, but if not?

Now, to prevent anything untoward, try to do the interview first. The following tips can help mothers in the interview:

* Is it neat and clean?

Note the appearance when you first met him. Dirty stained clothes, hair or looks uneven, dull and sticky because rarely washed, and nails, dirty hands is a bad sign.

* Is he disciplined enough?

This minimum can be known from the late-at least he was at the first meeting. When he arrived late, you may doubt discipline. Because, when it comes to little things he could not discipline, how such big issues with the feeding of children. I could have your baby will have irregular eating patterns.

* Is it fairly regularly?

When you ask him to show a letter from the foundation, if he stirred up the entire contents of her bag? If so, could be a sign he is not someone who regularly and tend to be careless.

* Is he physically can rely?

Besides the candidates should really physically healthy, you have to look her age. Do not let you choose the caregiver that he was already approaching middle age. Despite the age it can be said to have experienced at least he would have experienced caring for her own son but he was not reliable enough to hold the baby all day, either at the time of the new baby is born or when the baby has grown big.

To ensure the health condition of the caregivers, a reference check with his health on the part of the foundation. If you are not sure while you're already convinced with the candidates, it's worth checking your prospective nanny to the doctor. After all, it's for your kindness and your child as well.

* Does he seem fond of children?

To find out, you need to test it. Give time around 1-2 hours for the candidate with your baby. Watch and observe how the interaction between them. Does he have the patience, friendly, interested, sensitive, and respond to the needs of the baby?

* Does he seem smart?

You certainly want someone who can teach and entertain the baby, also can take the right decisions in difficult situations. Mode can test it by asking several questions, for example, what will he do when the baby crying, refusing to eat, sick, and so forth.

* Is he quite communicative?

From the way he speaks and answering your questions, this can be known. If speech or answer only a few words or just as needed, perhaps she was not a talkative person.

* Do you feel comfortable with it?

Despite all the above requirements can be met by the candidate, but if you still feel less comfortable, you should not try to force myself to accept it. For the good of the baby, you have to have a match with the caregivers. Thus, open communication between the two of you can be intertwined.

Ask the foundation to submit candidates for other caregivers. Or, you better come over there when the foundation has enough "stock" babysitter, so you also have many alternatives.
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Various Therapies Autism Patients

Various therapies made for people with autism

1. Drug Therapy (Medical)

Initially the drug is needed to help children concentrate, no eye contact, and increase interaction with the environment. However, it was not designed for a lifetime, because it is only useful to reduce or eliminate some symptoms, particularly to control disruptive behavior. Thus, the objective that the child is easier to managed.

Gradually reduced to a minimum dose of the drug. But when problems arise again later, the dosage of drug can be given as before anymore.

2. Diet Therapy

In some people with autism performed the diet of certain materials, so that children no longer have behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity. Diet including avoidance of sugar, fat, yeast, wheat, dairy, caffeine, gluten, food preservative, flavoring food, and food coloring. 3. Occupational Therapy

If there is muscle weakness or disturbance of fine motor development, for example, can not master something or hold a pencil, then do physiotherapy to train the muscles weak / stiff. This therapy helps children develop strength and coordination, with or without the use of tools.

4. Speech Therapy

All people with autism, speech and language impaired, so the therapy must be done by experts.

5. Behavior Therapy

Children are taught the general behaviors by giving reward and punishment. If he did what he was told correctly, then given a compliment. If on the contrary, he may sentence such as, 'Well, if you wants it continues, we will not be playing. " Of course the command is simple commands and easy to understand children.

This therapy is done at the institution in full from Monday-Friday and continued at home by parents. Therefore, parents should also have knowledge about the program through training.

High IQ was

Do not think autism is identical to the dummy. Indeed, recognized DR. Rudy Sutadi, DSA, about 70 percent of patients stated having mental retardation. "The causes can be many things. What is clear, if a child with autism can not be handled, yes, it can be said, including mental retardation. Because his IQ criteria under 75."

But if people with autism with an intensive and well managed, so many also had a high IQ. "There is his IQ 120-130. Even the 150." So, the child actually has the potential of high IQ. It's just that before managed his IQ was not measurable. Having managed only then known that her IQ was high. Later in life they can become an expert in his field. For example, painters Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. Their life history are expected autistic.

Another case when the autism was not addressed, there may be some of the symptoms reduced. But there is also the symptoms persist, intensified, or even that there was not so appear. In principle, Said Rudy, autism is not well managed with autism remains. "One if parents expect their children can be 'cured' with increasing age. It will further grow its gap-judging from the graphic development. Maybe a few months but the long-unseen and more visible."
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It's Ready to Have Second Child?

What should you do if the couple wanted another child while you're not ready? Nobody can answer that question, unless you and your children are already born first.

This question is a difficult question. Some say, even more difficult than we first decided to have her first child.

You see, this is not just a matter of "having children" but rather a change in the family. By adding a child, lifestyle, finance, employment, family relationships, and of course the relationship with children who are already there first, be different. And often we hear people say, "Add a child means the job his father and mother be double."

There's a good idea before deciding pregnant again, search for information. Both of your doctors, experts, family and friends. Ask their opinion, when the right time to add a child. Think positive and negative aspects and you alone must make decisions.

For most people, the decision to add more children due to the time factor, ie when the right time. The question is, should not add children directly after the first child so they can play together and for your own means do not bother to take care of a kid again later or actually makes a certain distance to the next pregnancy.

Research has shown, the distance from one child to the next child ranged from two to three years.

Here are the results of research that shows the distance between two children:

* Waiting until 18 -23 months to get pregnant again after giving birth, is a good time for the health of the baby was conceived.

According to experts, contains a baby less than six months after the first baby, can cause premature birth (40 percent) or infant birth weight less. And pregnancy with a distance of 10 years after her first child, had a risk two-fold in the pre-birth.

* Birth intervals 24 to 35 months are also ideal. If less than that distance, usually have a risk of birth weight less. The mother may take longer to recover from the stress and restore the body's condition after the previous pregnancy.

* When the first child aged under one yahun or above the fourth year, is the perfect time to have another child.

It is based on the relationship of brothers with their parents, sibling rivalry, and their confidence. Children under one year have not felt privileged status they had, while children aged 4 years was enough content to enjoy the attention from his parents. Plus they already have their own busyness.


There is no science that can dictate anything, what should we do when it comes to love and desire. So, below are some things that can be taken into consideration before making a decision.

* How old is the oldest now?

In this case, there is no right or wrong answers, although the above has explained that you should postpone the next pregnancy when the preceding child was still under the age of 6 months. Many who argue, increasing the age of a child, the better.

Thus they have a lot to pass time with you and they already understand when spoken to about the presence of a brother. There also are considered, with the age difference is not too far away, it can be a playmate for your toddler. You do not even bother to look after small children again.

* How does the presence of a new brother to change lifestyle?

Do you have established with our daily life with your kids that there are right now? Do you have a good way of child care? Does the whole house can sleep peacefully tonight? Are you and your spouse have enough time for both of us? Maybe you need to go back to work and whether you'd enjoy it?

These are all important elements that must be considered when deciding to get pregnant again. Remember, the presence of the baby will take up your time. Think careful whether you will have enough time and energy to care for another baby and if your kids are ready to have another brother again. You may decide, one child is enough.

* How is the financial condition?

It's true, money is not everything. Tap, after all, we must realize, for raising children, we need the money. Account the money that would be required for each child for day-to-day needs such as food, clothing, clutter needs, and most of all is the need for education and health. You should consider your livelihood.

Create a clear calculation, adjust the salaries. Many mothers who continue to work hard to keep a second child after the third or trouble hearing because the child affairs. Can you know when to stop working, if it seems you have to live? Or Can you pay a baby sitter if still want to work?

* How old are you?

Like it or not, the age factor is an important factor. Especially for women. If you are aged 38 years and still wants two more children, you can not get pregnant with the distance between a child aged three years and the other one.

If you are under 30 and have no health problems that endanger the pregnancy, you still have the opportunity to manage your time. Many women can still be pregnant at the age of the early 40s but the average fertility decreases dramatically when you reach the age of 35 years.

Discuss the problem of age with a partner. Many couples that have been considered from the start, at what age they will have the last child.

* Are you & spouse agree?

Sometimes only one who is ready, while her partner was not ready. It is not easy to always run parallel to each other. This is an issue that is not easy to handle.

What is clear, the first step that needs to be done is to talk about the differences between the two of you. Discuss your point of view alone.

Could have at that time no decisions could be done, but at least, each spouse will understand what is desired pasangannya.Bila necessary, consult with your doctor or someone with more experience.

* What is your heart?

Of course you can read a series of rules and definitions of positive and negative sides of this issue, but most important was the decision taken in accordance with your conscience. Follow your gut.

If you want your child and your partner feel the same way, maybe it will change your life.
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Recognize Signs Childbirth Contractions

When approaching the time of delivery, pregnant women will feel the contractions of the stomach. But what kind of shows contraction of pregnant women must get to the hospital for delivery?

The delivery process usually begins when the uterus began to contract regularly and these contractions will get stronger the longer and often.

These uterine contractions to help push the baby toward the birth canal and the cervix pulled upward, thus allowing more wide open cervix in preparation for the release of the baby's head.A few women there who have experience told to go back home or take a walk because there is something that has not happened.

Most of the delivery process will start very slowly and gently, so some questions will arise whether it was time or not.

As quoted from BBCHealth, Thursday (05/06/2010) consists of a network of women's uterine muscle fibers. At the peak of contraction, muscle fibers will reach a length of the shortest and intense pain that arises.

It feels like strong menstrual pain, or like a belt tightening in the abdomen and sometimes the pain seemed to rear back and front.

Muscle fibers were then relaxed and the contractions to fade, but will return to the muscle fibers are shorter than the previous. At that time the baby is pressed and the cervix begins to open a little wider.

When to go to the doctor after a contraction?

One of the things that must be understood is not too rushed to the hospital when the contractions had just begun. Mothers should stay at home with a calm and relaxed and follow how the flow of the contraction that occurred. Know how often the contractions are strong and appear, as this will determine when someone should immediately go to the doctor.

During the interval of waiting, the mother can do fun things that help women feel relaxed. When the contractions started lasted for 30-60 seconds and occurs every five minutes, mothers can prepare themselves to go to the hospital.

But if a pregnancy occurs for a second or third child should go to the hospital until contractions are five minutes or so, because the birth process is usually faster than the first.

The longer the contraction will be longer and start to overlap and the mother will feel the sensation to push during that time. But mothers should not do that until the doctors had ordered her to do so.

There are some signs that indicate someone is approaching time of delivery, namely:

Contractions are more frequent and stronger contractions usually last more than 40 seconds and can be three times within 10 minutes of contractions. Contractions are happening too fast and becoming more and more intense.
Appear pink mucus from the cervix obstruction. Labor can occur at any time after this condition, there is rapid but there is also a long time. We recommend that you consult your doctor if this happens.
Rupture of amniotic fluid. This marked the outbreak of the membranes holding the amniotic sac containing the baby and amniotic fluid. This condition can occur suddenly or gradually. If this happens, immediately to the hospital so the baby does not have an infection or poisoning of amniotic fluid.
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10 Best and Worst Places to Be Mom

Being a mother is one moment of happiness for women, especially if it can be in the best places to be a mother. Whichever place best and worst to be a mother?

Save the Children conducted a survey and compare Mother 160 countries around the world to find any country that can rank the best and worst countries for mothers and children.

The ratings are based on health, education and economic status of mothers and children.As quoted from WebMD, Friday (5/7/2010), the following 10 best country to become a mom:
New Zealand

While the 10 worst countries to be a mother:
Equatorial Guinea
Democratic Republic of Congo

Why do many countries in Africa, Afghanistan also became the worst place to be a mother? In Afghanistan and countries in Africa, only 15 percent of births attended by health personnel, and one of eight women died from pregnancy or childbirth-related child issues.

According to the survey, the United States there is only ranked 28th. Maternal mortality rate in the United States is one of 4800, as well as not providing enough state maternity policy which is responsible for the lower classes of society.

Women in the United States five times more likely to die from causes related to pregnancy than women in Bosnia, Herzegovina, Greece, or Italy. And 10 times larger than the women in Ireland.

The United States also highly rated in the mortality rate among children under five years old. Noted 8 of 1000 children die before reaching age 5 years.

"While the situations in the United States needs to be improved, the mothers in developing countries are being faced far greater risks to health was also his son, 'said Mary Beth Powers, chief of Save the Children's Newborn and Child Survival Campaign.

According to Beth Powers, a lack of auxiliary power delivery and the challenges in accessing family planning tool, causing women in developing countries face many pregnancies and births are more risky and caused death of mother and child.

Well, what about Indonesia?
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Nausea in Pregnant Women Can Indicates Flu

Dallas, After the first trimester, the nausea experienced by pregnant women generally will subside. If it still happens in the next trimester, caution must be taken because it could be a symptom of the flu.

Quoted from ScienceDaily, Sunday (05/09/2010), researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center, noticed this in the years 2003-2004. During this period, flu symptoms appeared more severe than usual.

Number of patients is also greater than expected. Presumably, the currently available vaccines is inconsistent with the strain of virus that spreads.span The researchers recorded 107 pregnant women at Parkland Memorial Hospital, Dallas was diagnosed with the flu during this period. Of these, 93 percent had cough and 89 percent have a fever.

As many as 85 percent experienced increased heart rate, 60 percent experienced nausea, vomiting. Symptoms are similar to morning sickness which is commonly found in pregnant women.

Almost two thirds of participants who experienced flu require further treatment. Complications The most they experience is pneumonia, which is 12 percent.

In adults, symptoms of nausea, vomiting often accompanies the flu. But according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention USA (CDC), such symptoms are commonly found in children.

In that study did not found other complications in pregnant women suffering from the flu. Babies who are born are also reported to be unaffected.

"At least by recognizing the symptoms, the flu can be handled early," said Dr. Vanessa Rogers who led the research.

The results are published in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology May 2010 edition.
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Breakfast and Eat High Fat Boy Got chance

Missouri, What should a woman consumed in the early stages of her pregnancy in order to influence the sex of the conceived? Researchers reveal to eat breakfast and high fat consumption may increase the chances of giving birth son.

Scientists claim the women who ate breakfast in the morning and high in fat at the time of conception are more likely to have boys. Meanwhile, consumption of diets low in fat and more possible long had a daughter.

"Consumption of high calorie generally allows for the delivery boys, while consumption is low in calories tend to produce daughters," said Dr. Cheryl Rosenfeld of the University of Missouri, as quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (9/3/2010).

Researchers analyzed gene in pregnant rat placenta (the organ just like humans) are being fed high-fat or carbohydrates and pregnant rats fed low-calorie foods. It turned out that each group has a different effect.

The results obtained in terms of changes in gender, female fetus is more sensitive to her mother's food intake and there are several genes that is affected. After the 12th day of 2000 found differences in genes, including genes involved in kidney function and sense of smell (the smell).

Researchers concluded that the expression of genes in the mouse placenta is formed by what she consumed. The study published in Proceedings Of The National Academy of Sciences was followed two years earlier studies that maternal food intake during pregnancy can affect baby's gender.

The result, obtained was high-calorie diet and regular breakfast may increase the chances of giving birth son.

This study also showed that calorie intake is higher during the time of conception can alter the chances of having boys for every 10-11 of 20 birth.

Increased opportunities gave birth to a boy because of the food consumed tend to contain a variety of nutrients including potassium, calcium, vitamin C, E and B12.
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Vaginal varicose veins when you're pregnant

In pregnant women, varicose veins are not only attacking the legs but also the vagina and anus. If you do not watch out, this condition can be dangerous because it can inhibit the normal birth process, or vaginal.

gar more aware of the symptoms of varicose veins should be identified and how to avoid them
Are varicose veins that?

arises is through the blood vessels under the skin or mucous membranes (mucosa) is widened and curved or circular valve due to abnormalities in the blood vessels. Varicose veins usually occur on the hands and feet, but in some people can occur in other places such as the stomach, rectum (large intestine near the anus), vagina, scrotum, and vulva (genital lips). Itching or skin color changes to blue is characteristic of varicose veins of the most easily recognizable.

Symptoms of varicose veins vagina

* Usually the mother or the doctor to detect touch by the vagina, if you feel there is a bulge it has mengalai pregnant vaginal varicose veins.
* Pregnant women complain tired and pale.

Why do pregnant women experience it?

Approximately 20-30% of pregnant women have varicose veins. Varices generally occur in the pelvic area and lower limbs. This is because the blood vessels in this area are closely related to the uterus. In addition, pregnancy causes hormonal changes women experience, especially the increase in the hormone progesterone. Well, this is the hormonal changes that make the elasticity of blood vessel walls growing, so the walls of blood vessels (both arteries and veins) more flexible. As a result, blood vessels become bigger and wider.

Dilation of blood vessels is necessary to meet the needs of the fetus, so that blood flow and blood volume were increased in pregnant women can tersuplai well, until the growth of the fetus was a normal place.

Risk factors

There are many risk factors (not causes) that can increase the likelihood of varicose veins during pregnancy is heredity, overweight (obesity), the wrong posture for too long such a long time sitting or standing, use of birth control pills or estrogen treatment, the selection of maternity clothing , such as too tight. Pregnant more than twice as well as pregnancy over the age of 40 years.

Influence on the birth process

Pregnant women who experience vaginal varicose veins, can still be through normal delivery. However, if the veins of the vagina suffered severe, doctors usually recommend surgery to minimize the risk of fault rupture of blood vessel walls due to trauma / laceration road when the baby is born. Vaginal varicose veins if terdekteksi can cause slow bleeding that caused the death of the mother.


Until now there has been no special tools to prevent vaginal varicose veins in pregnant women. But if pregnant women diligently picked up the foot by placing it on a pillow when napping or reading a book, a lot can help blood flow. This method is able to reduce the burden that must be supported by foot. Avoid the use of shoes, preferably with a maximum of 2 cm right to the blood flow was blocked. Then during sleep, try not to lie only in a position to avoid pressure on the blood vessels in one place. (from various sources)
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Expressed Pregnant, 4 Hours Later Live Birth

London, strange but true story that Belinda Waite suffered a hairdresser in the UK 21-year-old. During the 9 months he was never known to get pregnant. But after doctors detected her pregnancy, 4 hours later the baby is born straight.

Initially, Belinda always feel stomach pain and and by the local the local hospital in Tiverton area, he allegedly suffered irritable bowel syndrome, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS disease causes abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation.

Belinda admitted she had never felt well for several months before the birth of a surprise. Which is a big body does not make him and his people think she was pregnant.

"I felt like there was something moving inside me every growing month. But I never considered pregnant and the doctor did not seem to think so," said Belinda who is unmarried status as they are not legally married to her partner as reported by the Telegraph, Wednesday (10 / 3 / 2010).

As Christmas of 2009, Belinda and then to the hospital again after his hands and his feet were swollen and the doctor said he suffered from gout (rheumatoid arthritis) and allergies.

Then on February 6, 2010 or the night before his son was born, Belinda returned to the hospital because she felt pain all over his body.

At 10 pm, doctors confirmed she was pregnant but had only three months, when actually she was 9 months pregnant. Then Belinda came home, but in the morning or 2:30 at 4.5 hours after being told Belinda pregnant direct delivery.

Baby girl born at home with the birth mother's partner assisted Wyane Sylvia. First baby was named after Louise Boyles who is the son of her partner named Wyane Boyles (28 years). Baby girl was born with a weight of 3.6 kilograms.

"Everything happened so fast, we got no time to think. No one can believe that we like suddenly having children," said Belinda.

Hospitals run by government-owned health services UK (NHS / The National Health Service) are not willing to comment, why a woman was so late when it was pregnant.
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