To Introduce Baby Porridge

Porridge is a form of soft food which is the transition from the liquid diet food to normal food. Form of soft foods can be introduced to babies from age 6 months. Here are some things which should be noted by Hindah Muaris.

1. In infants aged 6 8 months, certainly more gentle form of porridge and a little liquid.
2. Stage introduction additional food for babies:
* Age 6-8 months give milk porridge, which is porridge made from breast milk or formula and one or more other foods in the form of cereals or other types of tubers are rich in carbohydrates. The pulp of fruit can also be introduced at this age.
* At the age of 8 months and over, the form of slurry can be varied with different types of materials and already can be added with coconut milk and a little oil to meet the adequacy of fat.
3. Month old children in 1224 began the weaning period. That is, children can eat adult food.
4. Porridge should still meet the required standards of nutritional adequacy for children which contains enough energy, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.
5. Use a food that is easily digested and do not add spices that stimulate. Materials often used for pulp are different types of cereals, grains, nuts, combined with the sharing of other types of materials.


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