Streamlining the production of breast milk

There are factors that support for milk production so smoothly, namely:

* Build motivation by finding out the benefits of breast milk.

* During labor, choose a hospital rooming-in policy so that mothers and babies to be together and hold for 24 hours.

* Prepare physically and mentally for breastfeeding. Feeling of happiness and love to touch the baby will make the hormone oxytocin is working to produce milk and breast milk is ready to release.

* Master the correct feeding position. Position errors can cause cracked nipples, inflammation of the breast, or a baby only breast milk sucking air because the fluid does not exit.

* Do not provide any food or drink other than breast milk to newborns, unless medically indicated. Giving other liquids will only make lazy infant breast feeding and ultimately less stimulated.

* Ask for support from the spouse.

* Find a quiet atmosphere while breastfeeding. If you like, do it while listening to relaxing music.

* Avoid stress.


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