Baby Signs mugginess

We also often incorrectly detect the body temperature of children increases. Presumed sick, not him just swelter.
The causes of child mugginess, more influenced by environmental factors, such as lack of ventilation, the weather outside is hot, cramped room, or light into the room too much.


1. Children began to get nervous.
2. Child's skin began to redden or melegam than ever.
3. Sweating, both in the forehead, head, and underarms.
4. The skin on other parts of her body so dry.
5. Lips too dry.


If not quickly treated, children can become dehydrated. Here are the steps to overcome:

1. Keep the child from sources of heat, and cool indoor air. If it was in the hot sun, immediately take shelter. If you were inside a closed room that is less ventilation, such as in a car that is not air-cooled, take the child out of the vehicle.

2. Remove the child's blanket. Also, babies should not dibedong. "We were scared, because accustomed dibedong, then when everything that covered her body disposed of, the child actually shivering." If that does happen, watch out. Perhaps, the increased temperature is a fever.

3. Put the baby clothes are suitable for tropical climates, such as cotton or materials that absorb sweat. Replace as soon as possible baby clothes soaked with sweat.

4. After that, measure your child's temperature with a thermometer. If the results show the number from 36 to 37.5 degrees Celsius, meaning he is still normal. If more than 37.5 degrees Celsius, the possibility of child fever. If up to 39 degrees Celsius, meaning he had a high fever, especially if it reached 40 degrees Celsius over, he could be experiencing hyperthermia ..

5. To distinguish hot with pain, how practical is the feeling of the child, whether his body temperature equal to or greater than our bodies. "But this way still no guarantee. At the right, measuring with a thermometer,"


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