Strategy Overcome Difficult Sleep When Containing

Mom had trouble sleeping while pregnant? Let's explore healthy solution.
There are many things that can cause a pregnant woman was difficult to sleep soundly, ranging from weight gain, pain is experienced, to worry about sleeping positions that might endanger the womb. Here are eight strategies for mothers to remain slept soundly despite the stomach were 'loaded'.

1. If mother trouble breathing (eg due to weight gain), then body with a few pillows to position the baby away from the diaphragm so the lungs can more freely.

2. Mothers should not drink any more after pk.18.00 to reduce the tendency to urinate when going to bed. Avoid caffeine, too. And, be sure to drink enough water on mothers throughout the day.

3. Try not to focus too much on the pain that may be in the mother feels. Calm the body and mind will help the mother sleep more quickly than if mothers continue to complain about the pain that appears.

4. Consuming a glass of warm milk can also help the mother fast asleep. Lactose content can stimulate insulin that can encourage the tryptophan in milk protein to affect the brain so the mothers could quickly fall asleep. If the mother's lactose intolerant, then the mother can replace it with soy milk or rice milk.

5. Create atmosphere of dim / dark and quiet in the room, and wherever possible use the bed for sleeping and sexual activities only, not for her laptop ria or other activities.

6. Turn on the AC (usually easy to feel the heat of pregnant women is not it? Because it is easier for someone to sleep in a cool atmosphere.

7. Lie sideways position because this is the most comfortable position for pregnant women.

8. If sleep problems persist, consult your doctor immediately


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