Various Therapies Autism Patients

Various therapies made for people with autism

1. Drug Therapy (Medical)

Initially the drug is needed to help children concentrate, no eye contact, and increase interaction with the environment. However, it was not designed for a lifetime, because it is only useful to reduce or eliminate some symptoms, particularly to control disruptive behavior. Thus, the objective that the child is easier to managed.

Gradually reduced to a minimum dose of the drug. But when problems arise again later, the dosage of drug can be given as before anymore.

2. Diet Therapy

In some people with autism performed the diet of certain materials, so that children no longer have behavioral disorders such as hyperactivity. Diet including avoidance of sugar, fat, yeast, wheat, dairy, caffeine, gluten, food preservative, flavoring food, and food coloring. 3. Occupational Therapy

If there is muscle weakness or disturbance of fine motor development, for example, can not master something or hold a pencil, then do physiotherapy to train the muscles weak / stiff. This therapy helps children develop strength and coordination, with or without the use of tools.

4. Speech Therapy

All people with autism, speech and language impaired, so the therapy must be done by experts.

5. Behavior Therapy

Children are taught the general behaviors by giving reward and punishment. If he did what he was told correctly, then given a compliment. If on the contrary, he may sentence such as, 'Well, if you wants it continues, we will not be playing. " Of course the command is simple commands and easy to understand children.

This therapy is done at the institution in full from Monday-Friday and continued at home by parents. Therefore, parents should also have knowledge about the program through training.

High IQ was

Do not think autism is identical to the dummy. Indeed, recognized DR. Rudy Sutadi, DSA, about 70 percent of patients stated having mental retardation. "The causes can be many things. What is clear, if a child with autism can not be handled, yes, it can be said, including mental retardation. Because his IQ criteria under 75."

But if people with autism with an intensive and well managed, so many also had a high IQ. "There is his IQ 120-130. Even the 150." So, the child actually has the potential of high IQ. It's just that before managed his IQ was not measurable. Having managed only then known that her IQ was high. Later in life they can become an expert in his field. For example, painters Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci. Their life history are expected autistic.

Another case when the autism was not addressed, there may be some of the symptoms reduced. But there is also the symptoms persist, intensified, or even that there was not so appear. In principle, Said Rudy, autism is not well managed with autism remains. "One if parents expect their children can be 'cured' with increasing age. It will further grow its gap-judging from the graphic development. Maybe a few months but the long-unseen and more visible."


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