Expressed Pregnant, 4 Hours Later Live Birth

London, strange but true story that Belinda Waite suffered a hairdresser in the UK 21-year-old. During the 9 months he was never known to get pregnant. But after doctors detected her pregnancy, 4 hours later the baby is born straight.

Initially, Belinda always feel stomach pain and and by the local the local hospital in Tiverton area, he allegedly suffered irritable bowel syndrome, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS disease causes abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation.

Belinda admitted she had never felt well for several months before the birth of a surprise. Which is a big body does not make him and his people think she was pregnant.

"I felt like there was something moving inside me every growing month. But I never considered pregnant and the doctor did not seem to think so," said Belinda who is unmarried status as they are not legally married to her partner as reported by the Telegraph, Wednesday (10 / 3 / 2010).

As Christmas of 2009, Belinda and then to the hospital again after his hands and his feet were swollen and the doctor said he suffered from gout (rheumatoid arthritis) and allergies.

Then on February 6, 2010 or the night before his son was born, Belinda returned to the hospital because she felt pain all over his body.

At 10 pm, doctors confirmed she was pregnant but had only three months, when actually she was 9 months pregnant. Then Belinda came home, but in the morning or 2:30 at 4.5 hours after being told Belinda pregnant direct delivery.

Baby girl born at home with the birth mother's partner assisted Wyane Sylvia. First baby was named after Louise Boyles who is the son of her partner named Wyane Boyles (28 years). Baby girl was born with a weight of 3.6 kilograms.

"Everything happened so fast, we got no time to think. No one can believe that we like suddenly having children," said Belinda.

Hospitals run by government-owned health services UK (NHS / The National Health Service) are not willing to comment, why a woman was so late when it was pregnant.


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