Breakfast and Eat High Fat Boy Got chance

Missouri, What should a woman consumed in the early stages of her pregnancy in order to influence the sex of the conceived? Researchers reveal to eat breakfast and high fat consumption may increase the chances of giving birth son.

Scientists claim the women who ate breakfast in the morning and high in fat at the time of conception are more likely to have boys. Meanwhile, consumption of diets low in fat and more possible long had a daughter.

"Consumption of high calorie generally allows for the delivery boys, while consumption is low in calories tend to produce daughters," said Dr. Cheryl Rosenfeld of the University of Missouri, as quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (9/3/2010).

Researchers analyzed gene in pregnant rat placenta (the organ just like humans) are being fed high-fat or carbohydrates and pregnant rats fed low-calorie foods. It turned out that each group has a different effect.

The results obtained in terms of changes in gender, female fetus is more sensitive to her mother's food intake and there are several genes that is affected. After the 12th day of 2000 found differences in genes, including genes involved in kidney function and sense of smell (the smell).

Researchers concluded that the expression of genes in the mouse placenta is formed by what she consumed. The study published in Proceedings Of The National Academy of Sciences was followed two years earlier studies that maternal food intake during pregnancy can affect baby's gender.

The result, obtained was high-calorie diet and regular breakfast may increase the chances of giving birth son.

This study also showed that calorie intake is higher during the time of conception can alter the chances of having boys for every 10-11 of 20 birth.

Increased opportunities gave birth to a boy because of the food consumed tend to contain a variety of nutrients including potassium, calcium, vitamin C, E and B12.


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