Knowing Vaginal Varicose Veins Pregnancy

Varicose veins is not only familiar to the thigh, calf, in the vagina can occur varicose veins. The difference, vaginal varicose veins often does not cause a complaint to the sufferer. Vaginal varicose veins commonly occurs in women who are pregnant.

In addition to the condition of pregnancy, vaginal varicose veins can also suffer corticosteroid drug users. It could also be experienced by people with abnormal blood vessels. However, most cases still occur when a pregnancy.

Varicose veins is triggered by hormonal changes that cause blood vessel elasticity unchanged. Or, it could be because the flow from the leg veins to the heart depressed by the weight of the uterus.

The risk of bleeding when performed by vaginal delivery or remained normal. Thus, the preparation needs to be done when the hemorrhage if undiagnosed vaginal varicose veins.

Special vaginal varicose veins, cannot take action to mitigate them. Usually, doctors just leave it alone. Under normal conditions, vaginal varicose veins will disappear by itself after birth.

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