Want to have children

One benefit of the charity is given offspring. Many success stories in doing alms to
they are endowed with a child. I include a link that is one story that proves the truth of charity benefits.
The logic of how that charity can provide descendants?
Offspring of human beings is the mandate of God or in other words, children are God's people entrusted to the selected.
Then who is selected? Of course, people are able to trust them.
How about a stingy man, whether he was entitled to trust them? It may be that Allah the Exalted also be stingy and did not entrust him to the relevant mandate. atu
indeed stingy people who will not be able to keep the mandate. Could be, because the nature pelitnya, the offspring would not be mandated well cared for. And people who are not charitable equated with a stingy person.
On top of that logic can only be understood by humans. But the decision belongs entirely to God.


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Nice info my friend... keep praying for those who still waiting a baby...

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